Top Tips For The Best Use Of Space In A Small Office

Top Tips For The Best Use Of Space In A Small Office

For those who work in a large office, space isn’t likely to be an issue, although all are capable of being a bit territorial at times. However, in a small office with very little floor space and many staff, clients and much equipment,  it is important to use what little space there is in an efficient manner.  Effective use will fulfill the needs of both staff and visitors with the provision of a happy atmosphere to boot.  Here are three simple tips for optimum use of office space:

More of What’s Needed, Less About Position or Rank: 
Executive officers are executives and may have earned their title. However, it doesn’t follow that they all have to be seated  together in the same area of the office. In truth, it is likely that they have executive status because they are experts  in particular fields and focus only on one or two areas of the company business. For this reason, they could be grouped together with their staff and whatever equipment and office furniture that they need, rather than what position they hold within the company. The planning co-ordinator  for instance, may need to spend time perusing drawings with his staff rather than answering customer enquiries. Moving the entire department away from the front of the office will give them somewhere with the room to spread themselves out.

Reduce Unnecessary Congestion:
Congestion often happens in offices, as there are moments in time when there is less space than people.  Create specific areas for clients and staff so that not everyone is congregating in the foyer. An office that deals with confidential matters for example should have a room devoted to people who wish to  discuss their affairs in private with their consultant. This could also double as a conference room by adding a meeting table or folding meeting tables to save space.  If it is necessary for visitors to wait in the vestibule, provide some reception seating and a small coffee table with a few magazines.  A calmer atmosphere will ensue and sitting people take up less room.

The Reception Should Not Be Bedlam 
All too frequently, reception areas are in a state of chaos. Clients and guests will be coming and going, packages are being delivered  and having to be signed for and the telephone has to be answered. The area should always be kept clear and clean. Move unnecessary equipment and received parcels etc.  This will offer a much more professional image to clients and a more agreeable environment for all.


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