A Commercial Property Syndication Marketing System

A Commercial Property Syndication Marketing System

I am going to show you a basic plan for what to do to get started.  And that is what it will do.  It will get you started.  Long run, you need a professional web site.  You need a professional presence online.  But if you start small and reinvest your profits, you can grow big if you just stick with it.

Let’s begin:

Analyze and tie up a commercial property opportunity to sell .  You are going to use someone else’s commercial property because you do not have your own, yet.  To find a commercial property to sell, develop a professional relationship with a qualified commercial real estate broker willing to work with you, that will send you pocket listings that meet your acquisition criteria. (eg. 100 plus units, no chiller systems, B or C plus with individual metered units and significant upside ) You are going to represent yourself as a professional commercial property acquisition company. We will address in depth, the specifics of developing relationships with commercial real estate brokers in another article and how to get them to send a stream of pocket listings that meet your acquisition criteria across your desk.
You are going to need an auto responder account, I like to use aweber, this is a paid service. There are free services also like mailchimp.com.  Basically what an auto responder does is allow you to set up a series of messages that go out to a subscriber.  For example, someone will subscribe to your list and they will receive an automated, personalized email welcoming them to the list.  On a pre-determined schedule (determined by you), the auto responder will send to your subscriber a series of emails with information from you.
Third,, you must write a series of email letters.  This may seem absolutely daunting at first, but just do it.  The first ones you write may be lousy, but you will get better.  The first email will just be a welcome email; thanks for joining my list; here are a few tips about (investing in commercial property).  The next few emails should be informative, offering the subscriber free tips about finding commercial property.  At the end of the email, include a link to the product you have chosen to promote. Click one of my links at the end of this article to get a series of emails from me; that will give you an idea of what you want to do.
Once you have the auto responder account set up, with a few messages (I will cover the content of those messages later), you will generate a web form or link from the auto responder that will allow the subscriber to “opt-in” to your list.
Advertise the web link or web form in commercial property related ezines, newsletters, or high-traffic web sites (as banner ads, exit pops, etc.).  When the readers read your ad and click through to your link they will become subscribed to your list.

The commercial property syndication marketing system invites investors to learn about how your business model works.

Here are a few things to think about:  Are you tired, of seeing inflated promises for commercial property systems that promise you will make money? Pyramid schemes of specific amounts of money just waiting for you to collect?

The online commercial property education marketplace is a maze of contradiction:  if you want to make money badly enough, you will do what it takes to learn how professionals make money in any market. Many legitimate, some not so legitimate, and other system approaches are unethical and immoral, and you are able to make money in many different ways—

It is important to remember that there are No guarantees. I hope this turns on some light bulbs about what is possible online.  Perhaps you have simply been too scared of trying to build a commercial property syndication from scratch, or of even using a coaching system to do it.  Maybe you just don’t think you can spare the money to get a commercial property syndication off the ground.  Maybe you just are not sure what to do and how to do it. Keep in mind, that, as simple as I may have laid this out, it will take some time before you become good at it.  You will experience a learning curve. Some of you will write good copy and bad copy.  You will write effective emails and ineffective emails.  You will make sales.  You will lose money, but you do not have to.  The key here is to test everything you do.  Track the ad through your auto responder service (build a different auto responder for each ad you run) so that you know which ads produce the best response. Then repeat.

The Private Placements Group business model is structured to take private money in from accredited investors and funds, and place it over a diversified portfolio of niche commercial real estate that upholds accountability while yielding superior ROI. Since we are personally invested our tightly focused niche acquisitions create solutions and prevent problems. Our results are your gain.

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