Looking For Washington Dc Office Space – Sharing Is Better

Looking For Washington Dc Office Space – Sharing Is Better
It is a very well known fact that a conventional Washington DC office space can be quite an expensive affair in both the cases buying or renting. This might not be such a big deal for big corporations that have offices in multiple locations, but for start-up ventures, or for that matter, enterprises belonging to the SME sector, it’s quite a significant investment, which is not always possible. An alternate to this is the office sharing concept, which leads to a significant drop in the costs incurred, while having little or no effect on operations or productivity. Generally, it so happens that big organizations have larger office spaces than they need and this results in the opportunity to either approach them for an office sharing arrangement, or search for the same on the internet.

The first benefit of going for a shared Washington DC office space is that there would be lesser paperwork involved. It is a well known fact that very often, due to fluctuating market scenarios, big companies have large offices where the staff has either been laid off, or transferred to some other department. In such a situation, the organization has two choices. It can either choose to continue operating from the same location, with plans of expansion in the future, or shift to a new one. In case the lease agreement does not allow the first choice, the company is stuck with lots of space and nothing to do with it. Sharing the space becomes a very viable alternative in this case, since the unused space will at least generate some revenue.

Other aspects of sharing Washington DC office space are whether you would be sharing only the office space, or other facilities as well, like scanner, conference room, internet, etc. This essentially depends on the organization. For instance, if a company has clients coming over on a regular basis to check the premises, this calls for a more elaborate sharing setup, since a favorable image needs to be presented. On the other hand, if the company carries out all communication through phone and email, even a simple table and chair setup would work just fine.
In short, you need to jot down the minutest details before participating in such an arrangement. True, there are significant savings, and this practice can pay off very handsomely in the long run, but it also has a chance of failing. Make your move carefully.

Asher Aubrey is an experienced professional in the US realty market having an experience of more than 15 years. Currently, he teaches at architecture classes in major universities, and writes about the importance of finding the right office space. This article is about Washington DC office space.

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