Commercial Printing in the Past

Commercial Printing in the Past

Many years ago, commercial printing was already available but it was way different from what we have today. A commercial printer today allows fast and efficient printing of a wide variety of advertising materials among others but in the past, this wasn’t possible. Printing was way difficult and took a longer period of time. Printers and clients end up getting frustrated when doing printing jobs because the process was way tedious and complicated. It was especially tedious on the part of the printer. In fact, there were only a few printing companies in the past. Only those who can afford to buy certain machineries to be used for printing. Truly, the commercial printing industry has reached great heights because of advancements in technology. Let’s imagine what commercial printing was like in the past.

1. Printing multi-colored materials took a considerable period of time because machines were only one-color machines – In the past, machines capable of printing multi-colored prints were not available and there were only one-color machines. So when a client requires a material with multi colors, the printer has to print first on one color and then redo the same process using the another color and then another color.

2. Submission of files was not that easy in the past – Today; when we hire a printer to print materials for us they would usually tell us to submit the files to them through the internet. In the past, the internet was not widely utilized yet so when clients need to have materials printed, they need to work closely hand in hand with their printers. In most cases, they had to go to their office almost every day to provide details of the project or to make a follow-up.

3. Limited types of materials can be printed – Today, almost any kind of paper and any kind of material can be printed nicely and quickly; whether it’s a brochure, catalog, calling card, flyer, newsletter, postcard, stationery, banner, tarpaulin, magazine among many others. In the past, the most commonly printed materials were only the newspapers; those black and white newspapers that were distributed everywhere to update locals of happenings in their area.

4. Online printing solutions were never available – Computers and internet services were not available in the past. It was only in the last few years that these have become widely available. In the past these online printing sites were never available and customers really have to go the offices of the printing companies they want to hire. These online printing services offer convenience especially for busy individuals and companies.

Commercial printing has truly evolved for the better. Now, an efficient and faster printing service can be expected from different printing companies because of the tools, equipment and machineries available within their reach. A commercial printer has a very significant role in the success of thousands of individuals and companies. It allows many things to happen and allows companies to speak to thousands of audience through different advertising materials. Customers often don’t get to think how these materials have been printed and what printers have gone through just to get these materials completed, but the truth is that there is a lot of hard work involved in every printing project and in every material that is made available to them. The business world will never be the same without the many commercial printing services available these days.


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