The Advantages of Using Commercial Mediators

The Advantages of Using Commercial Mediators

Now how many times have we all heard about some long drawn out civil case that in the end netted the person or party that prevailed next to nothing? It’s the same old story. The attorneys got all the money in fees, and by the time it had wound its course, the prevailing litigant was willing to settle for far less than what was originally sought.


Actually it’s not all that uncommon because most people simply fail to understand just how many avenues are available for litigants to delay proceedings. In fact civil cases very commonly drag out for years and some for even more than a decade. They can take just that long.


This is precisely why more people today than ever before are opting for the services of commercial mediators, and this also includes instances where there is no possibility civil litigation. In fact they can, and are regularly called upon for a wide variety type of situations where an agreement has to work out between two or more parties.


What’s more, once an agreement is worked out by commercial mediators it can officiated in a legally binding document that is viable in a court of law. Now it’s not enforceable as is a judge’s court order, but none the less, it can be taken into court and rendered into a court order if one or more parties violate the terms of a mediated agreement.


Still one more thing to consider, is that commercial mediators are wide open to hear all facts surrounding a particular situation. Now on the surface that may not appear to be a huge thing, until you realize that courts do regularly bar a lot of information from being heard. In fact anything that a judge considers to be not directly relevant is usually not considered.


Then again, what all too many people fail to take into account is the fact that even after a dispute is formally rectified in a court of law, in many cases the parties are left to deal with one another over the course of time. This particularly holds true in matters of family estates where simple disagreements can lead to a lifetime of disputes, even after the original matter was settled in court.


What most people fail to take into account is that civil courts are ran by attorneys for attorneys. It’s where they earn their money, and conflict is what they profit from. You see it’s just not in an attorney’s best interest to see a final agreement. Rather, what they look forward to are clients on both sides of a dispute returning again and again, like boxers stepping into the ring for successive rematches.


Professional mediators on the other hand are judged by how permanent their work is and this means that the last thing they want to see is parties they have previously dealt with returning with another disagreement. It’s a system that works, and in the end it’s a system that is designed to lead to a fair, and equitable lasting agreement between all parties involved.

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