Commercial Management Services

Commercial Management Services



A manager of a commercial property is responsible for duties such as collecting rent, negotiating leases, paying the overall bills that it costs to run the building, doing the taxes, taking care of cleaning services, and checking up on maintenance necessities.


Collecting rent can be a hassle for a commercial manager. Businesses run out of a building are often on time and responsible but less organized companies will sometimes need to be checked up on to make sure they are paying. If someone does not pay rent however, they will need to be reminded and verbally warned before an eviction is issued. They will need to be skilled at how the process works and have the necessary skills to talk to the tenants.


Having a Bachelors degree is surely a benefit for having someone taking care of your property. This way they will have knowledge in business administration, finance, real-estate, accounting and public administration.  This way you can feel secure that the person is going to be able to really take charge of the entire establishment and keep everything running smoothly.


Commercial managers should be comfortable communicating with people who are leasing or buying. If there are any important issues that need to be dealt with a manager should have the skills and knowledge to quick-wittedly respond to and resolve any conflicts. Motivating people to enjoy their space is important for keeping a renting business alive. 


Having technology skills and math skills will help with the financial organization. It is a requirement for a building manager to be educated and experienced with things like math to make sure your numbers are right throughout the year for tax season so you don’t lose money.


It is imperative to have a competent management team with a leader. Depending on the size of the building, your staff size will vary. They will need an office where occupants can reach them and send rent to, and will need a phone line for after hour emergencies. It is important to have someone available to go to the building at all hours in case there is a serious emergency that needs immediate attention.  Even if the manager is on vacation, there needs to be someone there that can rush over and solve the problem. If there is a fire, flood or other such emergencies it is important to be the first person to be at the scene to help. This is why managers should be carrying around a smart phone at all times to have access to phone, internet and emails. Calls that are not immediate however, such as andscaping, building codes and safety features like smoke detectors and exit signs can be dealt with during normal work hours.


Commercial property management is a labor intensive job. It is becoming more popular of a profession, so choosing the right one for you should be easy.

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