Fun Trivia on Commercial Printing

Fun Trivia on Commercial Printing

There are things that you would know out of necessity and things that you learn just for fun and for the sake of learning. With commercial printing, for example, there are some fun facts and trivia that you have never even heard of. You may not particularly need these facts regarding commercial printing companies and everything else about commercial printing, but it is good to know them nonetheless. From the slightly odd to the absurd, here are some fun facts and trivia for you to add to your random knowledge database.

Offset printing is English. If you have no idea what offset printing is, it is perhaps the most widely used commercial printing technique even to this day. The very first offset printing press was invented in 1875 by an English person called Robert Barclay, who made use of some stone, cardboard, and some metal in order to transfer images and text from one medium to the other. If you want to know about the first offset press for paper, however, then that would be Ira Washington Reubel from the United States of America. His version of the offset printing press did not come until the year 1903, however, so if the offset printing press will be considered one nationality, it may very well be English.

RSVP is French. Let us talk about something that is printed in many different wedding and birthday party invitations—usually formal gatherings—today. You may have received one of these invitations and wondered what exactly the letters RSVP stand for, and if you have, no, it does not mean “Respond soon via post.” It is close those, though, because actually RSVP stands for “Réspondez s’il vous plait,” which, roughly translated, means “Please Respond.” If you have been putting these letters in your invitations for many years and have only now discovered its meaning, now you know that printing “Please RSVP” is actually a redundant request.

Each person uses up to 48 kg in paper each year. Of course, this entire amount cannot be accounted for by commercial printing alone, but it does not take much thinking to realize that a good chunk of it is. Commercial printers and commercial printing customers alike are putting in their best efforts in reducing paper wastes as well as in recycling perfectly recyclable paper products, which is only natural. 48 kg is practically the weight of a small person, and if each of the billions of people in the world is contributing this much in paper wastes per year, it is definite that people should exert more effort in helping the environment.

Here are three fun facts directly and indirectly related to commercial printing which would take up just a bit more space in your brains. For sure, the next time that you and your friends have a random discussion about commercial printing companies, you will not have any problems in blurting out your own random trivia and impressing your friends. Just choose one of the above, and prepare to amaze (or not) your friends.

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