How To Clean And Maintain Commercial Vacuum Cleaners

How To Clean And Maintain Commercial Vacuum Cleaners

Commercial vacuum cleaners are tagged as durable cleaning machines. Compared to the domestic versions of vacuum machines, they are indeed equipped with more durable materials. They also work well in sucking dirt.

But their reliability has to end somewhere. I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t want it to end prematurely. I would want to make the most out of the extra money I spent buying my commercial vacuum machine. You can give a few more years to commercial vacuum with the following cleaning and maintenance tips:

1. Always clean your vacuum after using it. If you are using an upright commercial cleaner, unplug the machine and let it rest for a few minutes. Remove the brush roll at the bottom of the machine and try to get rid of as much dirt, cobwebs or collected hair as possible. You can also try rinsing it in soapy water to loosen up debris. After rinsing it, let it dry completely before placing it back in the machine.

For the backpack-type of cleaners, clean the attachments. Remove the attachments and soak them in a bucket full of water mixed with a cup of Lysol. This will disinfect the attachments so they will not smell bad. Usually, the attachment is the main cause of vacuum smell.

2. Also clean the filtration system of the machine. Commercial cleaners have more powerful filtration system. That being said, they filter more dust or dirt particles than regular cleaners.

Try cleaning both the post-filter and the pre-filter of the machine. Remove them from their compartments and rinse them in soapy water. You can use a soft-bristled brush to gently pry away the debris. After cleaning the filters, dry them up. Do not place them back in the vacuum if they are still wet.

3. Use an appliance polisher to polish the external case of the machine. If you don’t have an appliance polisher, try using a bit of Vaseline gel. Dab a piece of cotton on the polisher and wipe the surface of the vacuum with it. It will give a nice sheen to the appliance. It will also help deflect dust particles.

4. Try replacing the belt of the machine if its suction system has become unreliable or if the machine has started creating a lot of noise. Make sure you purchase the right replacement belt.

Maintenance also happens while you are using your vacuum machine. Make sure you do not use the machine for other purposes such as picking up wet dirt or spilled food. Avoid straining the cords of the machine. Just use it carefully and it will last longer.

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