Commercial Fishing Versus Fishing Off the Pier

Commercial Fishing Versus Fishing Off the Pier

Marketing is like commercial fishing. The majority of people do not go out commercial fishing with huge nets and trawling boats that sweep across the fertile fishing waters of the oceans. Most people think of fishing in small terms and are happy to catch even one fish each time they go out. On days when fishing produces the daily limit the person doing the fishing is thrilled and returns home to tell all their friends the story of how they had the best luck and caught the most fish.

With commercial fishing the venture is a success when the nets are hauled in and thousands of pounds of fish fall out onto the deck of the ship. The success of the person doing the fishing depends largely upon the scale of fishing that they are doing. When fishing becomes more than a sport or a relaxing past time the joy of fishing changes and the need to fish becomes something that the angler cannot live without.

The same is true of marketing, the more prospects that buy a product the happier the sales person is. Some people are content to throw a line off a pier and see what happens, while others are compelled to search for where the fish are and cast their marketing nets where many people will buy their products.

When it comes to marketing internet websites the principles of fishing apply to marketing in even greater terms. Many small business owners have websites that promote a series of products, but when it comes to finding prospects to buy their goods these people are standing on a pier casting a small line into a vast ocean and hoping that they will make a sale each day.

When a business wants to make multiple sales daily and increase their profits it is time to look at other available resources and chart a course that will lead to the fertile waters where sales are abundant and the customers are lining up to buy. For these marketing mavens the boats and nets are equivalent to the search engines and marketing efforts of the professionals that help small and mid sized businesses to sail to the places where the fish are biting and the sales are so many that they weigh down the marketing team. Having an abundance of sales and not idly sitting on the pier should be the goal of anyone that is in business, but especially for those that operate their business on the internet.

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