Buy roller racking systems for maximum utilisation of your office space

Buy roller racking systems for maximum utilisation of your office space

Adequate storage space is a basic requirement for every business. A business organisation needs space where it can store its files, documents, CDs, DVDs, banker boxes, archives, and other media safely and securely. Losing or misplacing any of the files containing important business data or customer contact list or business accounts can cause serious problems for a business. If you have a small office with limited storage space, you must buy roller racking systems.

The roller racking systems allow maximum utilisation of the space and offer extensive storage space. Also called the mobile shelving or mobile racking, these systems have heavy-duty, double sided cabinets mounted onto a rotary base which can be turned full 90 degrees. Unlike conventional storage cabinets, this does not require various access aisles. As it is conveniently able to move along the floor track, it needs only one access aisle.

You may access either side of the roller racking unit and reach the desired files or documents without moving your own position. The units of the roller racking turn easily with a slight push and lock in to place to allow quick and convenient retrieval of the file or stored item.

The mobile shelving units can be fitted out with a wide range of internal fitments so as to achieve individual requirements. You may get extension bays added on to the either side of the initial bays or get duplex shelves, reference shelves, lockable drawers, locker units, or dividers for storing all types of files. Whether you wish to store a lateral file, a landscape file, A4 or foolscap size file, lever arch files, or archive or banker boxes, you can find the roller racking unit to meet your specific storage needs.
Further, the mobile shelving systems are available in a wide selection of sizes and colours so as to help you achieve perfect office interior decoration. You can mix and match the mobile office shelving units to let them complement your office furniture and fixtures to create an impressive office environment.

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