Tokelau Real Estate Over View

Tokelau Real Estate Over View

Tokelau is a country that is also a territory of New Zealand and is a part of the Commonwealth. It has a combined land area of 10 square kilometer and is made up of 3 tropical coral atolls known as Fakaofo, Nukununo and Atafu. The territory has approximately 1400 people and lies in the South Pacific Ocean. There is limited Tokelau real estate that is available for purchase by the non residents.

It is estimated that the country has the smallest economy in the world and has a per capita income of USD1000. The government of Tokelau is dependent on the subsidies and the grants that it receives from New Zealand. It exports various products such as copra and woven handicrafts and stamps that amount to US$ 100,000 annually. However the expenditure by the government amounts to US$ 300,000 annually. The deficit is support by aid and subsidies that it directly received from New Zealand. Many of the Tolelauans also stay in New Zealand and send remittances back, which also add to the income of those that stay in Tokelau.

Currently 10% of income is generated for the GDP through the registrations of the domain names under the domain name. Registrations can be free or can be full paid up rights. The communications in Tokelau are limited but still enough for the population that reside there.

There are no airstrips and the country can only be reached through ships and boats. Radio station service is available between the islands and a government regulated and operational telephone service is also available. Getting to Tokelau rentals means that tourists and citizens have to endure a 37 hour ride from Samoa. Sometimes it can be quite tough to land here and it requires considerable skill to steer and land here as the corals can cause abrasions to the boat and sometimes even damage the boat.

In 2005, when cyclone Percy ravaged through Tokelau, it did quite a bit of damage to the property and the plantations of the villagers and people that stay there. Further, no part of the country is 2 meters above the sea level and the rising sea levels can spell doom for these tiny atolls.

There is limited tourism in the country and most people get around the atolls either by walking, car or bikes. Since it has no ports or harbors, people can dock only through anchorage. The service is only available from Apia and this happens only twice a month, when both passengers and cargo are shipped to the atolls.

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