Real Estate Buzzwords

Real Estate Buzzwords

Sometimes, real estate listings can contain misleading real estate buzzwords that can be misleading which can lead to disappointments for the property buyer. There are a number of buzzwords that you may recognize from the property listings if you’ve seen one too many and that many of it are using the same words to attract potential buyers. However, property listing is just the beginning of your property search and you would want to dig deeper for more information. Here are some of the popular buzzwords that can have a whole new meaning.

Tree-top view

This is common and usually it means that the unit is on the second or third floor and when you looked out of your window, you’ll see the tree. What would be a better choice is to have view above the tree.


There are previous owners who take a lot of liberty to the degree of the renovation they’ve done on their property. In reality, the term is pretty subjective to individuals as what the owner think is modern may not be modern to you or other buyers.


Cozy may sound attractive and makes you imagine a home that you feel comfortable living in. At times, this can mean a small and cramped up place. The word does not describe any physical characteristic of the property.


This makes a lot of people to start imagining a fabulous, large, penthouse we often see on television and only the rich can offer. On the other hand, this can simply means the top or the highest unit of an apartment that resemble nothing like a celebrity home but like any other units in the apartment.


Charming is like leather; classic, used and old, especially. In most cases it is a term that is used often to describe a very old property.


The first thing you might be thinking is that you are going to skipped all the charges by a real estate agent. However, remind yourself that the owner is not an estate agent and may have less knowledge about the property market and may have unrealistic expectation of the price and many other things.

Not all property listings are stating false information and these are just some of the popular buzzwords that you can take note and be wary of if you plan to look for a property.  The good thing is that you can always check out the actual property and walk away if it is not what you are looking for.

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