Find out about outer London’s commuter zones and the reasons for working at a St James’s office

Find out about outer London’s commuter zones and the reasons for working at a St James’s office

Offices and headquarters that can be leased in places such as Gravesend and Epsom aren’t just popular with the bosses leasing the space but with their staff who prefer to work outside of the capital and enjoy the slower pace of lifestyle on offer in the suburbs.

So to find out more read this article, which was written with, as it will tell you all about the commuter regions and describe the advantages of taking up office space outside of the core business hub of the capital and check out the surrounding regions and all they have to offer.

The office workers who have to get themselves to work in a London office have one issue in particular that causes their commute to be a high-stress event that they would rather avoid – I can only be talking about the London underground and bus services. Playing sardines with a group of complete strangers is hardly many people’s idea of a fun time, but the good news is that opting for an office outside of London allows you to take a car to work and avoid paying the congestion fee.

Another draw for office employees who want to escape the city is that working in the outskirts means you can live there too and reap the benefits of being able to get a much bigger house that you would not be able to afford if you lived in London. Many commuters can lie back in their spacious gardens enjoying the fresh air and peace and quiet of the suburbs while their London colleagues ram themselves into tiny office spaces paying through the nose for sky high rents!

Choosing to take up offices outside of the main hub of London may be fear for business executives who worry they’ll lose their contacts but with much business being conducted by email this isn’t such an issue any more and you can continue your business as usual. You will also be spending a lot less money on your office rents so your company can put that money into widening its profit margin and into making your business a roaring success – there is a whole world outside of London!

With train stations from central London offering fast transport with regular services from Paddington, Euston and Kings Cross, so you can be in the centre of London for business meetings and head out of the city when you’re done. This is perhaps the the biggest advantages of taking a SW1 serviced office.

London business networks will always be there to help and you can still source staff and attend events that London has on offer for its businesses but without needing to buy into office space there. Working in the outskirts also opens up a wealth of new benefits that can put your business ahead of the competition by connecting with other companies not in London and not penning you in to working solely with London businesses.

After all, picking office space just outside of the capital means that you’ll still be linked to the city while not being caught up in the financial expense of it – all it takes is an initial leap of faith!

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