Difference between Office 2007 & Office 2010

Difference between Office 2007 & Office 2010

I am not such a guy who wants to be high on the hog, but when it comes to computing I don’t follow the same philosophy. As soon as I heard the news of the new Office 2010 I can’t stop myself from getting the new bird on my Acer laptop

But for me uninstalling Office 2007 from the machine was as similar as a breakup. I thought a little that what to do? Am I making a right decision? I was completely blank with no answer till the time my daughter suggested me to look for the difference between Office 2007 & Office 2010. What should be done now?

Google was the only answer for me and I went on searching for the relevant information. I searched for some details and noticed some amazing facts showing remarkable difference between Office 2007 & Office 2010.

Microsoft has done an indubitable engineering in the Microsoft Office 2010 program as compared to the previous version i.e. Office 2007. Not only it has added new features such as Windows Live Writer, E-mail Essentials and Video in Microsoft PowerPoint but has also polished the existing user interface features such as Photo editing tools, Spelling checker, Digital signatures and more to deliver the next-generation computing experience.

Talking about physical appearance and accessibility you can see significant changes in menus and tabs which were incorporated with the Office 2003 and were subtly replaced by Ribbon in later 2007 but have undergone complete overhauling in the latest 2010 version. All integrated programs are clad with this new feature. Moreover, it is customizable and you can create and add your own command and icons on the Ribbon.

The whole engineering is overwhelming and it’s really a dream come true software. It brings up your creativity, empowers you with new easy-to-use tools and offers state-of-the-art communication using the efficient Outlook 2010. Advanced Conversation View and new conversation management tools will simplify your e-mail management system. In addition, enjoy on-the-move computing, Office 2010 comes with co-authored feature which means you can simultaneously view, edit and interpret with Word 2010, PowerPoint 2010, OneNote 2010, Excel Web App, and OneNote files. Integrated Broadcast Slide Show feature in PowerPoint 2010 lets you instantly broadcast your live presentation over the Internet.

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