Office Space Slough

Office Space Slough
From Betjeman’s bombs to Gervais’ Wernam Hogg, Slough has had quite a bad rap in the public sphere.
Used as a synonym for monochrome and industrialised for too long now, what people often forget is that Slough already has a thriving economy worth 2.5 million, with sturdy plans to develop that further in the coming years. The Guardian even went so far as to label the Buckinghamshire town as “Britain’s Boomtown”.
Home to Amazon, Honda, O2 and Mars – among others – the media may think Slough is grey skies and grey concrete, but for business Slough is one of the most vibrant places in Britain.
Office space in Slough is among some of the most desired in the land, with its ready-made infrastructure and excellent transport links to London, Reading and the wider South East. Its attraction for businesses and skilled office workers means that people will not have to travel from miles around to work, because they could well have already moved there to take full advantage of all the work opportunities.
Slough’s current population around 121,000 – features some of the youngest in the UK and as a result features an above average percentage of work-age people calling the town home.
It is home to the iconic Slough Trading Estate (and the oft-stolen sign thanks to its featuring in sitcom The Office), which was the first of its kind in the UK. It is the largest in Britain and one of the biggest in the whole of Europe.
Slough has 77,000 employed in the area, with a further half a million within easy travelling distance. With the aforementioned travel links, the catchment area for Slough is decidedly bigger than most other places, with the ease of travel in and out of the town making the commute a quick and easy affair.
So, the media may scoff, but in contributing 8 billion annually to the UK’s economy (more than double the typical national average), Slough is certainly not to be sniffed at as a prime business location.

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