Rental or purchase of the office space Glasgow

Rental or purchase of the office space Glasgow

There are a number of things which you will need to take into consideration when thinking about moving your office.  Finding the right office space glasgow or office space edinburgh can be a difficult task, and ideally you need to find somewhere where your business can run smoothly and effectively.  Cost is an obvious, key factor, but there are many other points you may need to think about before deciding on office space edinburgh or office space glasgow.

Firstly, consider the area the office space dundee is to be built in.  All businesses would like to be nearer to their customers, so the office space edinburgh should preferably be situated right at the centre of where all the commercial action takes place in town.  It should also be accessible –finding somewhere which is close by to public transport services will not only make your business more accessible for clients, but it will help staff with their daily commute as well, particularly if they are travelling long distances to get to work.  Try to find somewhere centrally located –close to restaurants and bars, for example.  If you have clients coming to your office from overseas, it would be important that they could find serviced accommodation or otherwise close by to the office space glasgow for easy access.  If you are moving outside of the area, check the availability of housing for employees.

Next, think of the building you would like to consider for your office space edinburgh.  You will need to think through the amount of space you are likely to need and whether or not your office space glasgow will allow for expansion in the future to avoid having to move again.  Another factor to consider in this would be deciding what type of floor footprint and internal configuration you will have in your new office space edinburgh.  This can save businesses a great deal of money, and it is worth thinking about hiring a space planning specialist to assist you with the planning.

Business rates, local taxes levied on commercial occupiers, are also important.  These are based on the property’s size, location and quality.  Consult a building surveyor when looking at which office space glasgow to buy.  Compare various rates of different buildings to find one which will suit you and your company’s needs the best.

Finally, consider what services and building management will be required for your office space edinburgh to run efficiently.  Cleaning, staff costs, accommodation and water and electricity charges amongst many other services must be accounted for in your budget, although all of this is normally taken care of by the building if you are renting the office space glasgow.  Remember to check though, so there will not be any hidden charges.


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