Halloween at the Office

Halloween at the Office

Halloween celebrations aren’t just child’s play. Many adults get into the spirit of the holidays as much as their children do; but how much you can get away with at work can be a fine line to walk.

If you want to show your holiday spirit in the office, the first order of business is to check into the office policy to determine how much you can decorate and whether or not you can dress up on the day itself.

It is important to keep proper etiquette in mind when showing your Halloween spirit in the workplace and the best place to check in is with your immediate supervisor. Most people in the workforce today wear badge lanyards to keep their employee identification safe and accessible.

One super safe way to show holiday spirit is through your ID lanyard. Badge lanyards, when decorative and fun, are a great way to show you are celebrating any holiday; not just Halloween. For this holiday, you can find an ID lanyard featuring pumpkins and black and orange beading, or you can opt for something as simple as some beads in orange and white.

Badge lanyards come in a wide array of styles for all holidays; Halloween being one of the most sought after. An ID lanyard featuring the classic skull design can actually be worn all year round depending on your personal style. If your work environment is more rigid, you may have to stick with the above-mentioned idea to display your love for this holiday.

However, those who work in more casual environments may have the opportunity to actually plan a holiday party featuring a costume contest. If a costume contest is in your future and it will be in the office or at the office party, you will do well to keep in mind the decorum expected with any office attire.

An inappropriate costume is a surefire way to make a poor impression on co-workers and management, so make your costume choice with much consideration for the type of impression you wish to make. Halloween decorating is fun, and the office is no exception. Decorating your office should be done after you have received approval from your supervisor and within the specified guidelines.

A noisy talking skeleton or laughing witch may prove to be too much of a distraction, especially if many people pass by the location where the item is placed. Further, if your office is visited by clients, the d├ęcor should be mild so as not to frighten them.

Spider webs with creepy spiders are an all-time favorite Halloween decoration. These webs are easy to spread across desks, under desks or in the corners of any room. They are also easy to clean up which is a definite plus. Pumpkins, both natural and fabricated, make ideal decorations for offices and reception areas.

If fresh pumpkins are used in the office, they need to be checked periodically to make sure they do not attract fruit flies, go bad and leave a mess for you to clean up. There are so many fun ways to celebrate Halloween.

When you can bring your holiday spirit to the office with you, have fun with it but don’t go overboard. You still have home to decorate.

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