Commercial Elevators Ensure More Convenient Access in Commercial Buildings

Commercial Elevators Ensure More Convenient Access in Commercial Buildings

Commercial elevators designed with innovative technology and specifications ensure safe and more convenient access in all multi-storied commercial buildings. These devices provide great support for the elderly and the mobility impaired individuals in commercial establishments such as hospitals, office spaces, shopping malls, schools and many other public buildings.

Elegant Commercial Elevator Systems from Leading Brands

Commercial elevators are ideal options to transport heavy materials including furniture, luggage and other goods between the various floor levels. Most models of these devices are specifically designed to meet the regulations of the Americans with Disabilities Act as well as the latest codes and standards prescribed for elevators. Therefore, these devices are extremely safe and ensure comfortable floor to floor movement.

Elegant models of elevator units suitable for use in commercial facilities are available from well-known manufacturers such as Savaria, Thyssenkrupp Access and Federal Elevator. When planning to implement an elevator system for your commercial facility, before finalizing a particular model it would be beneficial to consider the following aspects:

•  Architectural design of your building
•  Expected volume of usage
•  Required loading capacity
•  Space constraints of your facility
•  Number of travel stops required
•  Whether it will be used for transporting heavy goods
•  Power consumption rate
•  Preferred technological specifications and functionalities

After forming a definite idea about all these factors, you can select the appropriate model of feature-rich commercial elevator units with exclusive designs and interior cabin finishes from Orion LULA Elevator, Evolution LULA Elevator, Serenus LULA Elevator, and more.

Exclusive Features to Ensure Convenient and Safe Access

To cater to users’ accessibility requirements in low-rise commercial buildings including schools and churches, LULA elevators are the best options. These Limited Use or Limited Application elevator units are integrated with all the standard features of commercial elevators and are uniquely designed to provide the users maximum comfort and safe vertical transportation. They are a perfect blend of comfort and utility. Innovative models that can ensure comfortable floor to floor access with a maximum of six travel stops are also available.  To provide convenient access in commercial buildings, most elevator systems intended for commercial use come with advanced technology, specifications, user-friendly controls and high-end safety options such as:   

•  Slack/broken cable safety device
•  Emergency stop button and alarm
•  Landing hall call station controls
•  Door interlocks
•  Final limit switch
•  Emergency power supply unit
•  Overspeed governor
•  Super-hush exclusive hydraulic pump unit of compact design for smooth and quiet operation
•  Roped hydraulic drive
•  Full auto sliding doors
•  Automatic controls, and much more

Find an Experienced Elevator Supplier

Commercial facilities planning to purchase elevators should take care to select experienced elevator suppliers in the industry. Such a distributor can assist in selecting the best models of commercial elevators that ensure smooth and more convenient access in your commercial building after an evaluation of your site and requirements. These dealers also ensure trouble-free installation services, well-timed inspection, maintenance and repair services to help you utilize the equipment without flaws or breakdowns.

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