Three Advantages That Make A Glass Partition An Office Space Divider That Encourages Work

Three Advantages That Make A Glass Partition An Office Space Divider That Encourages Work

There was a school of thought that enclosing office staff in their own small work area helps to increase productivity. However, it is now accepted that this idea is not necessarily true, and instead the advantages of having a light filled, spacious and communication friendly work place is of far greater benefit. One of the chief ways to accomplish this ideal office layout is to use a transparent rather than opaque partition between work spaces. Unsurprisingly, a glass partition fits the bill perfectly.

When it comes to erecting a temporary office wall, there are several options available, but it is the glass option that is seen as the most effective in promoting better light distribution and even a more stylish interior design to the work place overall. Even as demountable partitions, the glass option remains the favoured option.

Better Communication

The very fact that staff members can see each other through a glass wall is not as distracting as some might prefer to think. In fact, it can be a distinct advantage when personnel are working together on a project. Instead of having to relocate people in to one room, those involved in the project can often see each other and communicate through the glass.

It sounds a little awkward, but often a message is so simple that a gesture is all that is necessary, like a thumbs up or a wave of the hand to prompt a colleague to come here. Being able to see team members helps to make one to feel part of things, and shows that everyone is working together.

To this end, it is also useful when the project manager wants to make sure that his or her team is working diligently. Unfortunately, the old divisions that were made of wood or other plasterboard were often used by staff to effectively hide from their bosses. With glass, it is impossible to do this and, instead, an atmosphere of open diligence is established. After all, if one staff member can see everyone else busily working away, it encourages him to work away too.

Non Claustrophobic

For many office workers, the office can seem very claustrophobic. Whether it is because the office is small or is simply overstaffed, this feeling can be debilitating and seriously affect productivity. The old divisions mimicked walls and often gave precisely the same feeling to those working between them, with cubicles feeling more like prison cells than private working space.

However, glass has a very different effect, giving a sense of space and not an inhibiting feeling in the least bit. The openness of a partition made of glass is such that there can be no feeling of containment, even if the actual area of the work space is the same. The result is staff with a more positive attitude to work, greater enthusiasm and therefore, a higher level of productivity.

Better Light

Ask any interior decorator, of either commercial or residential buildings, and they will tell you that light has a direct effect on mood, emotion and outlook. In general, people like bright open spaces, for precisely the same reason as noted in the point above. Light was readily blocked by the solid structures of the old partitions, leaving desks and work areas furthest from windows cast in shadow.

However, even in relatively tight areas, the presence of enough sunlight can make the squeeze much more bearable. By using glass partitioning, light is able to travel through office partitions allowing more than just those sitting next to the windows to benefit.

Of course, this has a direct effect on the costs involved in lighting an office, with lights not needing to be turned on during the day time. Only in evening time, or perhaps the early morning, would desk lamps and even ceiling lights actually need to be used. So, money is saved, which is always seen as an advantage.

These are three advantages to choosing a glass partition rather than the opaque options that also exist. Of course, much of the decision making will come down to cost and the desired image that an office wishes to project.

In this regard, the glass option is equally advantageous, with little separating them from the other temporary office wall materials that can be used. In fact, as temporary or demountable partitions go, it is hard to find a reason not to invest in glass.

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