Top Tips To Saving Money On Office Supplies

Top Tips To Saving Money On Office Supplies
We all need to buy them, paper, paper clips, staples, files, folders, diaries and the list never ends. So if we all need to buy them, shop and be done with it I say. Although, we need to watch the pennies so the pounds can take care of themselves. But how do we do this?

Regardless of whether you are a large business or a small business, buying office supplies and stationery can become a considerable expense, and if you dont know how to save, then it can run away with you. Hopefully these tips might help you save some money, earn brownie points if you are employed, or more dosh, lolly, cash, wonga. Whatever you want to call it.

Move away from known brands. Everyone buys cellotape, but not many people actually do. Cellotape is a classic example of branding and buying brands. Sticky tape is sticky tape, it all does the same job, but non branded does it at a fraction of the cost. Never compromise on quality, but there is no need to, buy a small quyantity and test it.

Shop online This is the biggest saving, and if you are reading this article then chances are you are already doing just that. The Internet has revolutionised the buying of goods and services, and it is the web where money is saved and made.

Compare prices Again this might seem obvious, but prudent comparisons can bring the overall costs down. Many stores use loss leaders to pull you in, but then hike the prices on other items, so price comparison is an absolute must when buying office supplies

Look for introductory offers, saving BOGOF etc, as this can be a great boon to the wallet. Many online suppliers want to show you just how good they are, and will offer you a great deal to try them out. So always have a look at their site to see what they are offering with your office equipment or stationery purchase.

Think Laterally, and dont just keep buying one of the large and common areas of this is the office printer. Often bought at a discount price, but without proper consideration for the cost of consumables. Paying 100 a shot for an ink cartridge or printer cartridge, when a cheaper alternative printer could cut overall costs, is not the way to save money. Again, online shows you exactly how much you can save

Compare prices! I know I already said this, but when buying office supplies, comparing prices is paramount, so good we said it twice.

Rebel Office Supplies was founded in 1998 and, like most success stories, began in a small office in Wimbledon, with 2 employees. It soon became apparent that although pricing was a key issue, so was service. Check this online stationery supplier.

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