Feng Shui Tips For Office – Ways to Make Your Work Space Feng Shui

Feng Shui Tips For Office – Ways to Make Your Work Space Feng Shui

Feng Shui Tips For Office

If you were to literally translate ‘feng shui’ it would read ‘wind water’ and it is system used to create harmony from aesthetics. Many arguments occur when determining how to pronounce feng shui with those who practise it calling it anything from ‘fung-shoo-ee’ to ‘fung shway’.

Is your current work place a high-tension atmosphere where you wish you could create a calmer space to work in? Then you have nothing to lose by trying feng and taking control once and for all of your desk space!

Naysayers can have their reservations about shui but this is either because they do not understand what it is doing or they think that it is too complex for a beginner. But the real truth is that feng shui is all-inclusive and it really is simple to implement in stages to create a soothing and quiet zone where you can relax. In no time at all you will have made a calming environment which will have so many positive implications for your staff.

The key goal of the art of shui is to create auspicious spaces and it takes its bearings from the presence of various items such as the location celestial bodies, water masses and the compass points. Understanding Qi or Chi is the first step to understanding feng – the ancient Chinese teachings say it is a moveable life force and is a similar construction to the concept of yin and yang. While yin and yang are meant to be balanced the aim of feng-shui is to channel the power of Qi. Feng Shui Tips For Office

One thought for bringing feng shui into your workplace is to change how you sit at your desk – start by sitting with a solid wall behind you rather than an open window which can lose Qi. Create a wealth area specifically for your telecommunications like telephones, fax machines and computers and arrange chairs and work stations so that you create smooth channels through which your office can experience positive Qi.

Plants and water are an important part of creating feng-shui and you should eliminate prickly plants like cactuses as they create what is known as ‘shar chi’ in your office. You may also like to think about the location of doors in your office as you can lose Qi out of doors that are close together. You might want to buy a fountain for your office this will activate the Qi in your office and create medical benefits.

When our office decided to try out shui in our new Houston office space and we felt instantly more at home than in our old offices. By balancing the forces around us we made a calming environment and even our clients couldn’t help but realise the change that had occurred. I really can’t give a more glowing review for feng shui and I would recommend it to anyone moving office!

So what are you waiting for? Try out feng today! Be sure to enlist the help of an experienced feng shui practitioner and try a few of the tips and tricks today – you’ll soon see the amazing benefits of this ancient art! Feng Shui Tips For Office

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