Unexpected Office Supplies That Come In Handy

Unexpected Office Supplies That Come In Handy

Those in charge of stocking office supplies often have a lot of options at their fingertips. They may have catalogs and online websites from which to shop, but they order the same items over and over. There are a lot of options out there that, if in the budget, can make the jobs of your fellow employees a lot easier. If your co-workers do not have access to the same catalogs you do, they may not even realize certain things exist. If you can anticipate their challenges and order items that can make their workday run more smoothly, you will be considered the office hero. One of the easiest ways to make someone’s job easier is to give them an easy way to transport items from one location to another. A hand cart or a collection of hand carts can really come in handy in an office. This is especially true if you have co-workers who travel to trade shows or special events.

While laser pointers may be the popular item among nerdy teenage boys, they can also help office workers during presentations. If you have co-workers that gather for meetings or who teach classes, pointers will make their job much easier. People like laser pointers because they do not have to be close to what they are presenting. An instructor can mingle throughout a room but still be able to point out items of importance on a chalk board or a chart at the front of the room.

Overhead projectors may remind you of your days learning algebra in high school, but they also work well in office settings. Most overhead presentations have been replaced by more high-tech solutions like computer presentations, but overheads are still useful. If you work with interior designers, an overhead can be used to project an image onto a wall and create a mural. This is not a traditional use, but it allows designers to be creative and put art directly onto a surface.

As an office manager or purchasing agent, you may not realize it, but you will be buying a lot of food. Your job may be to stock the employee kitchen and while you are not treating everyone to lunch every day, you will be responsible for supplying coffee, tea, maybe snacks, and things like sugar, salt, and ice. Each company is different concerning what they stock, but most employees love the convenience of having these items nearby and it cuts down on having to run to the store during the workday. Think carefully about food supplies you need to order and also consider things like napkins and silverware.

Finally, do not forget about emergency supplies. Make sure you have a fully stocked first aid kit on hand in your office. Include plenty of common items like bandages and ice packs. Hopefully none of your co-workers will ever need these items, but having them close by means you can be prepared for anything that happens. The occasional accident occurs, so make sure you are ready to handle it.

Stewart Wrighter recently purchased a Hand Cart on the internet to help his aging mother transport her groceries. He ordered several Hand Carts for his family to use to transport luggage through the airport.

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