5 Richest Real Estate Billionaires

5 Richest Real Estate Billionaires

Almost all people dream to be rich or wealthy but they do not become billionaires by accident. Some moguls certainly had economic and educational advantages to be a tycoon but even without these, they still became a billionaire as they made smart decisions and invested wisely. Following are 5 wealthiest of the real estate moguls. Lets’ check out now.

1. Lee Shau Kee

Net worth: $ 19.6 billion

Citizenship: Hong Kong

Lee Shau Kee is the CEO of Henderson Land Development Company, which has numerous mainland projects such as the Henderson Metropolitan along Nanjing West Road near the Bund in Shanghai. With his personal wealth of $ 19.6 billion, he is ranked as the second richest man in Hong Kong after Li Ka Shing. Although his fortune dropped over the past year due to a jump in property taxes, Lee Shau Kee is still the wealthiest real estate billionaire.

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2. Cheng Yu-tung

Net worth: $ 16.2 billion

Citizenship: Hong Kong

Cheng Yu-tung is another real estate billionaire who hails from Hong Kong. With a fortune of $ 16.2 billion, he is one of the top 10 richest people of Chinese origin. In 2012, Cheng Yu-tung turned over the chairmanship of his New World Development to his elder son Henry after reportedly having a stroke.

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3. Wang Jianlin

Net worth: $ 15.1 billion

Citizenship: China

Wang Jianlin is the founder and chairman of China’s largest commercial real estate developer Dalian Wanda Group. He is the richest man on the mainland with his net worth of $ 15.1 billion. His fortune includes 85 shopping plazas, 75 department stores, 51 five star hotels, and the United States’ AMC theater chain. In 2013, Wang Jianlin launched an $ 8 billion mini-Hollywood with the attendance of John Travolta and Leonardo DiCaprio.

4. Donald Bren

Net worth: $ 14.4 billion

Citizenship: United States

Donald Bren is the chairman of the Irvine Company, which owns about 50,000 apartments and 40 million square feet of office space. It also owns 8 million square feet of retail in Orange County, San Diego, Los Angeles and Silicon Valley in addition to the Hyatt Center, 5 marinas and 3 golf clubs.

5. Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor

Net worth: $ 13 billion

Citizenship: United Kingdom

Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor is the 6th Duke of Westminster and the owner of property company Grosvenor Group, which owns real estate on five continents. His personal net worth of $ 14 billion makes him the richest British person. Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor inherited it from a 400 year old trust set up by a bunch of very distant and very rich relatives.

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