Modern Themes for Contemporary Office Designs

Modern Themes for Contemporary Office Designs

If the layout of an office influences the mood and productivity of its employees, it is therefore a good idea that the office implements stimulating visuals. Modern or postmodern themes and aesthetics are today’s interior design trends especially for an office space in Arlington VA. This is characterized by plain colors, each contrasting one another with complementing straight and curved lines.

Wide open spaces are encouraged for modern office designs because constricted ones also tend to also limit the mind. Modern offices are clean and neat with minimal decoration to reduce the chances of cluttering. Many offices now have open spaces rather than cubicles, and even those with cubicles tend to have rather short dividers. This allows colleagues to communicate every now and then. It also permits critical thinking with intellectual discussions even in areas when maximum concentration is required.

Both the main workplace and the reception area become good with minimal decoration. The best decorations are those that shed light on the company’s goals and accomplishments. Plaques, trophies, awards, and ribbons encourage both employees and applicants to work well. Sometimes, the company’s present and future projects can also be displayed. This gives both applicants an idea what to expect in the job.

An office space in Ballston VA should also have a lobby with a comfortable seating area, stimulating reading materials, and perhaps even refreshments—candies or a water dispenser with disposable cups. The floors and walls must be clean with minimal decoration, if any. Decorations may include abstract artworks or historical artifacts including framed newspaper clippings relevant to the company.

In the main workplace, one of the most highly recommended layouts is the systems furniture. This involves arranging desks into clusters with storage compartments at a short distance. The desks are strategically arranged and can easily be moved, according to the company’s and the employees’ needs. Many offices also have wide windows made of Polymethyl methacrylate or PMMA glass which lets in sufficient natural light while withstanding strong winds.

When it comes to lighting, there are many offices that use light-emitting diodes or LED light bulbs. LED lamps are big bulbs made of clusters of little ones that emit strong light with little energy, saving the company electricity expenses while giving employees sufficient lighting. An office space in Reston VA may also use xenon gas-discharge lamps or xenon arc lamps that are as bright and clear as daylight. Most are recommended by ecologist groups.

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