How to Choose a Good Office Plant?

How to Choose a Good Office Plant?

Anyone who has installed office plants and other indoor foliage can vouch for the fact that this green space can brighten a dull and dreary atmosphere and can create a refuge from day to day stresses. Office plants sanitize the office air by removing common toxins from enclosed environments and emit oxygen into stale and dry air. With a vivid picture of these benefits in your heart’s mind, you are bound to think that plants in an office are as common as staplers and crabby coworkers.

It is of paramount importance to select the right type of office plant that will deem fit to the office d├ęcor and spatial requisites on the criteria of office shape, size and space constraints. With a little forethought and vision, you can choose the perfect plant to improve your workplaces aesthetics and your health as well. There are a few key points that must be considered while narrowing your office plant options. Most importantly, an office plant must be installed only after assessing your office lighting.

Obviously speaking, an office plant that requires full sunlight does not have the chance to survive in a windowless room. Hence you must wisely select plants that will do fine in most office settings and must be well placed to garner a healthy, growing plant. Create a green space in your office only after you have a crystal clear idea of how much space will be designated for the plant, in terms of floor as well as counter space. Honestly speaking, consider an office plant only after estimating how much time and care you will be willingly able to devote to the plant. Some plants demand more care and maintenance and sometime you may feel hard pressed for time to water and prune them on a regular basis. Determine the purpose of installing office plants.

If you are looking at only the beauty angle, then go for flowering plants and if your priority is to have oxygen laden air in the office environment, then boil your choices to green leafy plants. When you buy individual plants, they can bill up to being expensive and thus it is rudimentary to figure out how much you want to spend purchasing office plants and how much effort you can put into their long term maintenance. Make sure you buy your office plants in healthy condition free from mold, pests and rot, may it be from a garden store, farmer’s market or shopped online.

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