The Versatility Of Office Panels

The Versatility Of Office Panels
Most businesses will move into an office space with a large open area. Rather than building up fixed walls, an office panel is an excellent way to segment space. If designed correctly, office cubicles need not be claustrophobic or unpleasant to be inside of.

Office panels provide incredible versatility for any business in flux. The company might be one that is seasonal, and so changes every year. On the other hand, it might just be beginning and on the continual climb to bigger and better things. Even a fairly stable office has the need for the ability to change at times. Panels for the office give managers that kind of flexibility in their options.

Cubicle Size

Panels in an office are generally used for making cubicles. It is interesting to note that, even though the panels themselves are in standard sizes, the cubicles do not have to conform to the same sizes across the board. You can use the same panels to make smaller office cubicles or large, spacious cubicles. You only have to use more panels.

Cubicle Shape

Most people think of a cubicle as being a small square, but panels allow more choices than that. They can be put into anything from a rectangle to a Z shaped cubicle. There are many options using just standard sized panels in varying configurations for different cubicle shapes.

Cubicle Height

Some office panels are made with adjustments for height. Some have changeable parts which can be alternated for more or less privacy. Another choice is to simply have high panels and low panels and store the ones that are not needed at the time.

Cubicle Configuration

The panels in an office can be configured in any number of ways. The bullpen arrangement is popular in many businesses with large numbers of office employees. This is a team-oriented plan where cubicles are arranged so that workers can work together comfortably and easily. It is accomplished with low-paneled cubicle walls.

Panels can also divide cubicles into long rows or squares of four cubicles. They can even be made into large abstract shapes which are made up of a grouping of unusual individual cubicle shapes that have been thought out for maximum effectiveness. The way you configure your office cubicles does not have to remain static, but you can change it as often as you like or find necessary.

Number of Panels

Seasonal companies and others with fluctuating workforces have no need for a large number of cubicles year round, year after year. Instead, they can get the number of cubicles needed for their largest number of workers and store the excess ones when they are not in use. For example, a tax preparers’ office may use dozens of workers during the tax season each year. They can buy enough panels to accommodate every worker in her own cubicle. Yet, when tax season is over and staff levels drop, the panels will stow away easily until the next year.

Office panels are great space savers. They are also convenient and easy to use. With all the ways you can change them and rearrange them, they are some of the most versatile items in the office.

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