Salamanca for your historical Spain Holiday Rentals

Salamanca for your historical Spain Holiday Rentals

If you will be staying in SPAIN HOLIDAY RENTALS in Salamanca, here is some information on the monuments that exist there which you may find useful. The Torre Del Clavero is a 15th century tower and a part of the Sotomayor palace. The bottom section is square but its shape turns to octagon at higher levels. You will find small towers at each and every corner of the octagon. The tower is embellished with blind archways, jackets of arms and cornices. At the moment the Salamanca Provincial Government is located within the tower. There’s a pharmaceutical exhibition on permanent display here and additionally other art displays are held periodically.

Salina Palace is a 16th century structure from the Plateresque period built in a Renaissance style. It was created by the architect Gil p Hontanon under commission from Rodrigo de Messia. It was primarily a venue for storing salt and its title originates from it. The courtyard inside is an irregular shape and it is embellished with figures which are twisted. This is used as Salamanca’s Provincial Council’s chair for now.

Salamanca College is a 13th century college also of the Plateresque period. This college is an established centre for learning and teaching around the world. It was founded in 1218, is square with a courtyard in the centre and art galleries surrounding it.

Las Ursulas Convent is a 16th century convent built according to medieval style and founded during the 16th century by the archbishop Alonso de Fonseca. It has a nave which is engrossed in ribbed vaults in addition to a polygonal apse. The interior is filled with religious art including Don Alfonso de Fonseca’s tomb and Archbishop Francisco Rivas’s butler’s tomb.

The Roman Bridge is a 1st century bridge with 26 archways which spans across the Tormes River. According to some historians this bridge was built by Marcus Ulpius Traianus in the 1st century AD. It crosses the river where it is very broad but where the subsoil underneath the bridge is rocky. The size of the bridge is 176 metres long and has a width of 3.7 metres.

Salamanca Plaza Mayor Square is an 18th century square built in a Baroque style and designed by the architect Alberto Churriguera. The Town Hall is found on the northern side of the square; this building is Baroque too with five archways produced from granite. It has been decorated with numerous medallions including those from Charles I, Ferdinand Mire, Alfonso XI, St. Theresa and Cervantes. The structure has 3 storey high facades with balustrades and semicircular archways.

Other monuments to visit while you are staying in SPAIN HOLIDAY RENTALS in Salamanca are the 18th century Anaya Palace, the 17th century La Clerecia building, the 13th century San Esteban Chapel and Monastery, the 12th century San Martin Chapel, the 12th century San Marcos Chapel and the 17th century La Purisima Chapel.

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