Ten nifty tips for your home office

Ten nifty tips for your home office

Remove all unnecessary furniture, storage or knick knacks. Not only will this give you more space but it will also allow you to focus without distractions or feeling cramped.

Choose your workstation with care. If you use a computer or monitor, invest in a flat screen monitor and a desk with storage underneath. Choose a chair with good back support and on castors so that you can move around freely.

If you haven’t already, go wireless. This will remove the need to have unnecessary wires or hardware in your office space.

Think about improving your lighting. A dark and dull space is not only bad for your eyes, but your motivation too! Invest in a good quality desk lamp or overhead lighting.

Sit by a window if you can. Nothing beats natural daylight for improving your mood and motivation. A good view could also ignite your imagination and inspire ideas.

Organisation is the key to happiness in the workplace. Choose desk organisers that take care of desk clutter, and choose compact storage for paperwork. Shelves are a great space saving solution.

Add some homely touches. A vase of flowers, a picture on the wall or a family photo can add life to a sparse and de-cluttered office space.

Think about temperature control. A radiator to switch on in winter and a window to open in summer should help you to regulate the temperature nicely.

Make your office off-limits to everybody except you. If you have children, speak to them gently about how important your office is and that they must not enter unless given permission.

Purge and purge again. We all do it – one minute our desks are neat and tidy and the next we have mountains of paperwork and other detritus piling up on the desk. Have a good purge of unnecessary papers and other items every so often to keep your office harmonious and pleasant.


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