Four design tips for your Seattle office

Four design tips for your Seattle office

A major part of demonstrating the success of your business is making a good impression on clients with your office. Generally, the interior design style of your office depends on the industry you are in and the expected look inherent to it.

The design of an office is extremely important for businesses based in Seattle as it can exhibit creative flair with little effort. Add some more panache to the Seattle office with facilities, as this can increase the impressiveness of the business, as well as increasing employee morale and upping the value of your work premises.

This however has not been ignored by other Seattle based firms so it could be complicated trying to emulate their success without copying their design. Therefore, suggested 4 top factors to optimise the interior design of your Seattle office to ensure that it has a high desirability.

1. Wireless internet (free/password offered in office): For more businesses, the internet is absolutely integral to their operation; however many Seattle companies insist on using cable connections instead of a wireless signal. Whilst this potentially has benefits such as increased safety, it does not leave a lasting impression on a client – especially as many will be using internet-enabled smartphones, for browsing, usually enabled for wireless.

Clients would be impressed at the ability to be able to surf the internet in your premises – however it is essential to password-protect an unprotected network as this could be taken advantage for free by other users, but with careful planning and protection, it can provide a good service for clients. This will allow them to check any e-mails or online software, potentially helping to speed up the securing of a business deal, which could benefit your company significantly.

2. Artistic decor: Bare walls in an Seattle office show a lack of imagination and can really benefit from some decoration. Your choice of art is generally dependant on the field your company is in – an advertising agency may place old work on the walls, however Seattle has several reputable design companies that can help to design your office. In fact, my Seattle office space that was found has been designed by Seattle based design firms.

3. Hints of company logo/motif around the office: The client is already there so why bother reiterating the company name? A name will be easily remembered if it is repeated and a company-themed office will demonstrate confidence in the business and impress clients further. This idea has been employed in a number of offices, such as Twitter who base their office design on the website they have created. It could also be beneficial to stick newspaper clippings or reviews on the walls, as this can help to improve productivity with a boost of employee morale and show recognition of good work.

4. Workplace should be open plan: A fantastic way to impress clients, an open plan office is the ideal way to show company confidence, as well as encourage staff to interact with each other in an intelligently-designed office space. This is of particular benefit for SMEs as you can disguise the youthfulness of the business by spreading the staff around the office, as this shows that the company is confident and smart. It also shows flexibility, creative flair and a willingness to adapt – vital for efficient business success and growth.

Essentially, it is up to your company to furnish your Seattle office as you desire, ensuring to budget and remain cost-effective. These are merely straightforward tips to remember and will help to optimise the layout and potential of your business.

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