How To Decorate Your Office Cubicle

How To Decorate Your Office Cubicle
A cubicle can be dreary place to spend a third of your day. Here are some great ways to dress it up by decorating your cubicle.

1. Find out what you have
Most cubicle spaces have a desk, a chair, a phone, a computer, and three corkboard walls. You may have file cabinets or storage bins if youre lucky. The first step in any decorating effort is to clean and determine what you have to work with. Empty out any drawers and bins (you can leave files for another day). Get rid of trash and unnecessary items and organize each drawer as you put everything back away. What you have left may look incredibly drab. But you can change this if you want.

2. Re-cover
If it is feasible, you might consider covering your desk space with a hardwood table top. Check with the management. It is often okay to cover your table and it may even be possible to hang things from the walls of your cubicle. Hang colorful swaths of fabric or curtains to cover the beige-gray of the walls. Bring in your own chair. Now youve got the bones of an entirely different space.

3. Get inspiration
Find out what others are doing with their space. What theyve already got in their spaces is probably allowed by management. If you have any concerns, it is best to ask your supervisors to be sure. Many companies have policies about scents, open flame, and music. You may be able to have a scented candle in your space. Remember that scents will affect those around you. Check with your neighbors to see if they also enjoy the scent.

4. Add yourself in
It is time to bring in your personality. If this was a retreat for you, what colors would you put here? Concentrate on a single focus or design aspect and work from there. Start with conversation pieces like small toys, inspirational plaques, and photographs. Begin with a splash of color by bringing in a brightly-colored mouse, keyboard, and monitor cover. Bring in plants, photographs, and other items that will give you visual breaks from work without distracting you from it. Remember, changing things like lighting, color, and texture can make a big difference in the atmosphere of your cubicle. Consider installing a small tabletop water fountain. Not only will it be peaceful to look at, but it changes the energy of the space and helps filter out positive ions emitted by your computer monitor. Live plants will have a similar effect and will also add oxygen to your workspace.

Mirrors can be used to enlarge the feeling of space in your cubicle. Place a mirror across from the opening of your cubicle, and the space appears larger. Place a mirror in front of your computer monitor when you arent using it, and the electronic feeling of it disappears, changing the feel of your space entirely.

When you are decorating your cubicle, keep it tasteful and be conscious of how it will affect those around you, but do make it your own. Your mood will rise and your productivity will grow with it, making your work day something to look forward to, at last.

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