What Are Long Term Rentals in Cyprus

What Are Long Term Rentals in Cyprus

Surrounded on all sides by the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean, and ringed by white sandy beaches and tall palm trees, the island of Cyprus has been a sunny vacation destination for thousandsof years. Dotted with romantic Roman ruins, Medieval castles, sleepy coastal fishing villages, and scenic but rugged mountains, Cyprus is worth exploring. For those interested in fully immersing themselves in the art and culture of this diverse island, or for anyone building a home, long term rentals in Cyprus may provide an ideal space for privacy and relaxation during their visit.

Since the times of the Egyptians, Cyprus has been a warm and welcoming destination for travelers from colder climes. The ruins of early villas and palaces can be seen in places such as Paphos, in Palaepaphos and in Vouni on the North Coast. Medieval castles stand over many of the key harbors and Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Islamic, and Jewish holy sites abound in the hills. Some of which are still in use today. Cyprus has also been long hailed as a source of rich cuisine. The Romans imported huge numbers of amphorae filled with olive oil from Cyprus and the vineyards of Cyprus produce world famous wines. Sea food is unsurprisingly excellent on the island and is a staple of the cuisine along with warm weather vegetables and local cheeses. The food of Cyprus, much like its architecture and religion, is diverse but somehow complementary. It is a patchwork that reflects the many cultures which influenced the island’s development.

Anyone who may be moving to Cyprus or who is interested in exploring the island in a leisurely manner should look into Long Term Rentals in Cyprus as a means to save on expenses and to truly immerse themselves in the island’s culture. A large apartment or small villa in town can be rented for months and will often be more suitable in terms of space and money than other facilities.

Many long term rentals, especially villas, will usually have a full kitchen , many also have pools, BBQ grills, private gardens, or other favorable features and most are located in town close to a city center, or near a coastal area, allowing visitors to walk to areas of interest and have immediate access to amenities. For those who are planning a permanent move to Cyprus, a long term rental allows them to decide what part of the island or even which neighborhood best suits them.

No matter the location or situation, long term rentals in Cyprus are an ideal way to live more locally while exploring the island and for those who are not ready to purchase their home presents an ideal solution. The rich history and culture of the island makes it impossible to truly experience Cyprus life in a few weeks, and with a comfortable and private space to return to after a day of adventuring, it may be hard for any visitor to leave the warm sand and friendly people of this jewel of the Mediterranean.

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