What you need to kit out an office

What you need to kit out an office

When planning an office, you need to be sure you get in everything that you need – both for individual workers and for communal space. This can be a large cost if you’re doing it all at once, but there are options such as equipment financing that can help out some companies.

Furniture – Furniture for each individual is easy – a worker will need a desk, a chair and some storage space along with a computer and probably a phone. Depending on the work you do, there might be other requirements too, but this will be determined by your needs. While it makes sense to buy the same sort of furniture for your workers – both financially and for morale – you may want to consider whether you get the same desks and chairs for both managers and other employees.

Storage space – On top of this, you’ll probably want some shared storage space. This is being phased out in some offices as more documents are shared online, but some companies will need filing cabinets or shelf space for hard copies of certain things. If your office has a lot of shared or hot desks, then extra storage space is a must.

Meeting space – Your office will likely have a meeting room or two, where you’ll need adequate seating round a large table. You may want a computer and projector in here as well if you’re likely to do a lot of presentations, but some may prefer a whiteboard or flipchart while speaking. A phone, preferably with good speaker quality, is also a good purchase.

Receptionist – If you employ a receptionist, you’ll need to give him or her a desk in a prominent position, with a phone, computer and access to any documents needed on a daily basis. If you have the space, then you can create a waiting area with comfy seating. These can double up as meeting spaces if the designated rooms are in use.

Food glorious food – Perhaps the most important aspect of any office is the kitchen, a vital meeting point for workers going for tea, coffee and gossip breaks. Again, depending on space, you may want more than cupboards for storing the biscuit essentials, but also tables and chairs for people to enjoy their breaks.

When you start to list all the equipment you need, you may start to see your costs rising. For a small or start-up company, this may be worrying. Instead of looking for ways to cut back on quality or quantity, consider other finance options such as equipment financing or renting with an operating lease.

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