The Growing Trend of Photo Booth Rentals

The Growing Trend of Photo Booth Rentals

Photo booth rental is quickly becoming a staple of great weddings, parties, corporate and other business events. Everyone wants photos to remember events, but how much more fun is it to take home photos from the event at the end of the night? Renting out a photo booth is a great way to enhance any event, and always adds to the fun.

Photo Booth Businesses
Business that cater to photo booth rental have been popping up all over the country, in places large and small, and are growing widely in popularity all the time. These photo booths can be rented for anywhere from 30 minutes to an entire evening or longer, and usually include a photo expert on site to help guests with setting up shots (especially helpful if there are 15 people trying to squeeze into a booth for one shot) as well as printing and distributing photos to patrons before they leave the event. 

Types of Booths
Some of the booths are relics, the same kind you can occasionally still find at circuses and carnivals (often in only partially working order). Others are brand spanking new hi-tech booths with new advancements like touch screen technology, and the ability to instantly send and share photos across various social media outlets, to let people who didn’t attend the event to join in on the fun. Social media has also been a large catalyst in the spread of photo booth rentals, with companies advertising through various outlets straight to potential business and groups that may need a photo booth at an upcoming event.

Props and Video Booths
One of the most fun elements of the photo booth can be the prop box, a box supplied with the booth that is filled with a random assortment of costumes, props, toys and random objects. These can range from standard fare like wigs and eye patches like you’d find at a costume shop to over the top full-on costumes. Prop boxes are especially fun in conjunction with video booths, those that feature the ability to record small pieces of video in addition to traditional photo strips.

Flip-book Booths
While there is always the traditional vertical 4-photo strip, the classic of early photo booths, there are many advancements in photo booth technology, like the video booths mentioned above. Another new feature of some booths that is sure to occupy far too much attention at a party is the flip-book booth. In these booths (which also work well in conjunction with prop boxes and costumes) patrons have a few seconds to make faces, dance, and generally act silly, while the photo booth operator rapidly snaps a number of photos in quick succession, which are then printed together into a small flip-book which gives the photos an animated feel.

Photo booths are a growing trend that is not likely to fade any time soon, as their presence at all kinds of events continue to show. They can spice up any event in the blink of an eye!

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