Using a CD Rack in Your Home Office

Using a CD Rack in Your Home Office

Most home offices have the need for at least one CD rack. These can be used to store software and data disks, for use with your computer, as well as music CD’s.

When choosing a CD rack to use in your office, you will want to consider your storage needs, as well as the size and configuration of your office. If you have the floor space, a multi-purpose rack can be convenient. These types of racks are generally designed like a bookcase, with adjustable shelves. By utilizing a rack of this type, it might be possible to store your both your computer software and music CD’s, as well as small books and other resources, in one small floor space “footprint”, which can save a lot of space.

However, depending on your office arrangement, a floor CD rack might not be the best choice. A better option might be a wall rack, which could be mounted on the wall over your desk. This would not only keep your CD’s close at hand while you work, but also save space by utilizing the same wall that your desk is already occupying.

Another option to consider are CD racks that sit directly on your desk or other work space. These can be handy, because you don’t have to get up from your desk, or even reach far, to access your CD’s. Many times people don’t feel they have enough space available on their desktop to utilize a rack such as this, but if you do, they can be extremely convenient.

One way to help save space, while still providing easy access to a lot of CD’s is to use a rotating CD rack. There are both table top models as well as floor models of racks that allow storage of CD’s on every side, which spin to let you easily view and select the CD’s. These floor and table top models store a great deal of disks in a very small “footprint”, and can really help organize your CD’s in a small amount of space.

Regardless of the model of CD rack that you choose for your home office, you’ll want to be sure to place the rack in an area of your office that is out of direct sunlight, and away from heating sources. Heat and humidity can be very damaging to the disk media, and in order to insure that you’re both your data and music CD’s stay safe, you should protect your CD’s from these sorts of climate extremes.

The CD rack is still an important part of many people’s lives as are batteries for any portable electronic device you may have.

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