Management Software How To Save? – Office Supplies Industry

Management Software How To Save? – Office Supplies Industry
Management Software Industry is an industry people can not read a bit, sometimes domineering like a giant, sometimes like a starving baby. This can not understand the industry Huhu a lengthy life in China for 30 years. 30 years, we have experienced too much to learn from the industry too much. There should be respected in this industry IT IT heroes and endless story: the myth from Ye Mingqin create the SSA to the human SAP Seaman Management , The warrior from the short arm of Universal software to UFIDA Wang Wenjing’s Rebuke surprised situation, from Zhang Houqi pipeline management to the dominance of IBM Consulting … … However, in the industry behind the bright, we also see the prosperity to the black box operations, see the whole management software industry to the user leaves the “Fudge” bad impression on people. We see that, although some of it as a world relief medicine business, For services of the solutions of all diseases, but there are companies using it as a tasteless, chewing a token gesture; What is more hated them as a cheater industry. Why self-proclaimed efficiency, and improve enterprise management level management software and consulting industry will be reduced to this stage, it is worth our careful consideration of each practitioner.

Vicious competition is the incentive In fact, as long as the rational analysis of the industry, will understand why in the end led to the situation today. Management software industry in many industries is a smaller sub-sectors. In China, the management software market capacity only 100 billion yuan. Even if the market is an exclusive company that the company can only enter the country barely 100. And the management software industry is not as people imagine as a very profitable industry, the industry’s average annual output value of only 30 million, per capita profit of only a few million years. However, in such a small industry, but living with thousands of companies and tens of thousands of capable people.

In many industries, the management software can be considered one of the highest intellectual level, especially in consulting market is full of doctors, masters, all of them are Elite. However, whether corporate or elite, survival is number one, this market is small and capable and more, creating the industry’s unspoken rules in many, many games are played the game, culminating in software pricing confusion, the implementation of the temporary staff up the stage, the audience frequent transactions, many customers complaining and so on. Thus the whole industry is in a sub-health cycle, one by one cycle of plague the industry.

How to complete the self-salvation In fact, there are wise

long pointed out the problems in this industry, the industry only to complete the call from the “white fox” to “Superman” turned around, to make the whole industry will display a new life.

So, how to accomplish this dramatic turn around it, I believe that in the following ways:

First, the need to take the lead in rallying the industry leader in the wave, industry followers beating the drums to maintain the industry standard. We are very pleased that this industry still has a lot of business with a conscience, they still adhere to standard management software during difficult times the price system and price monitoring system, standard pre-contract signing process system specification around software Consulting staff appraisal and quality, customer implementation of the effect of standardized evaluation system, etc.. Only industry specifications, and industry will develop, the industry will achieve the interests of all the companies, customers will get the most value.

Second, the set of software companies and consulting firms the power to influence people to buy the whole purpose of software consumption. Education Users, let them know the software solutions of all diseases is not good medicine, but rather a tool to enhance business management. Software companies can not sell the software away to sell software, but to study carefully the characteristics of enterprise management, enterprise management research bottleneck, remedy software tools to enhance the management level.

ERP vendors now market activities often engaged in activities which are often software release, feature introductions, however, only these are inadequate and should be more emphasis on practical management concept of publicity, management innovation and the software really implementation of the combination.

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