Working at Your Local Pediatrician’s Office

Working at Your Local Pediatrician’s Office

When it comes to being a nurse, one of the best jobs you could get is working for a pediatricians office. Although working with children might be hard for some people, there couldn’t be anything more rewarding. When little ones come in with an illness, it makes everyone feel good to be able to make them feel better. If you are looking for a job that is highly rewarding, consider wearing your womens scrubs while you work for your local pediatrician.

Working with children can be very challenging. Often children are afraid of going to the doctors office, making them a less than ideal patient. Even toddlers can remember the atmosphere of the waiting room, realizing exactly where they are and what is going to happen. Once they have a few visits where shots of vaccines are given, these children can remember and protest against their doctors visit. Having to give a shot to a child however, is almost easier than giving them to adults. Most children are able to handle the moments up until the needle prick much better than most adults. Adults tend to be nervous and jumpy when it comes to receiving a shot from someone wearing sale scrubs.

Children can most definitely be a difficult patient to handle, but they are also some of the most entertaining patients. If you have a child of your own, you know that children really do say the darndest things. These comments are never lacking in the exam room. You will never know what each of your little patients is going to say. Children have a way of expressing themselves that adults wish they could embrace. A child is able to say exactly what is on his or her mind without giving it another thought.

Not only are children entertaining patients, they are also the cutest. There is nothing sweeter than a little girl with blond ringlets sitting in the exam room waiting for you. This little girl will probably comment on your stylish nurses scrubs with the lady bugs on them. Children seem to have a charming quality about them. With one look or smile they will have your wrapped around their little fingers. A little boy wearing a set of overalls will win you over with stories of his series of train tracks he has running around his room. A little girl might offer you a cup of pretend tea that she is serving to her favorite doll. When it comes to children as patients, you couldn’t ask for anything more special.

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