Decorating Your Office – The Right Way

Decorating Your Office – The Right Way

Office design and decoration plays an important role in the overall environment of the office, by the same token the overall environment plays an imperative role in the productivity of the company. Hence, a professional and pleasant looking office is as important as anything in your business success. Remember, you need to maintain a balance in all aspects when trying to decorate your office. For example, employer’s comfort is vital but not to an extent that they start getting drowsy or lethargic in the working space. Similarly, it’s good to try and make your office a fun place to be but it should not be giving an impression of some discothèque. Here are some important considerations for workplace setting and decoration.

‘Light’ Delights:
Surprisingly, light has been treated as an addendum when planning for your workplace. Whereas proper lighting at workplace is supposed to be your first priority, because that is where you spend most of your time. Bad lighting will harm your mental and physical health; in addition to this it may have a negative impact on your productivity. Excessive use of computers has made it so important that hiring some lighting expert is not a bad idea if you are not good with lighting standards or requirements. Ideal lighting arrangement should give your working space a feel of comfort and openness.

Comfortable Furniture:
Do some planning before going out to purchase your office furniture, so that you have a clear picture of the furniture that is fitting for your office space, this will save you from buying some needless fixtures. A chair or table that looks classy at furniture shop can turn out to be extremely inappropriate when placed in your office settings. Don’t go for the looks, price or designs, comfort should be the main concern. You can go and talk to some sales person at furniture store, tell them your requirements and they’d show you the right piece of furniture.

Right colors for the Right mood:
Even before we had these research works, we knew that some colors have kind of soothing effect on our nerves; on the contrary some colors are quite stimulating. It means that using the right blend of colors, when painting your office walls can bring forth the right set of feelings in you and your staff. It’s better to use different colors in different sections, like using neutral colors at workplace and cool colors at recreation room.

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