Real estate in Bulgaria. Market Trends 2008

Real estate in Bulgaria. Market Trends 2008

There are definite negative, as in all times, at this stage, so is inflation, it is associated primarily with the external world situation, as well as increased incomes. At the same time, prices for services and real estate remain in the country is rather low and their growth potential is limited to indicators of the average prices for the EU.

Real estate values ??continue to increase not record, but enviably steady rate. In particular this applies, of course, the capital city and coastal resort, this situation persists despite the increased competition between developers. Speaking about the regions and district towns, it may be noted that the significant drop in prices here should not expect, however, as their significant growth. Five cities leaders remains unchanged and the demand for housing is retained in the planned framework to this “union of the five” very soon it will be possible to add a few rapidly developing cities, it is possible that they will Blagoevgrad and Stara Zagora. The most notable increase in prices can be forecasted in the segment of luxury real estate, prices here actually will increase along with the advent of increasingly sophisticated proposals for increasingly demanding customers.

Over the recent few objective remained only the price of houses, the exorbitant cost of summer houses on the coast fueled interest in the hapless Englishmen. But the mortgage crisis became a strong argument for all the ongoing boom, having managed to subdue him in a fairly short period of time.

At this stage, construction companies can not count on profits, now their income is on average 10 to 20%. At the same time, the buyer gets a much wider choice among already finished housing, acquisition of which minimizes the risks associated with buying, the price is still acceptable.

The competitive battle developers – the trump card in the hands of the buyer, and now really can be noted that along with the rising cost of real estate in Bulgaria is growing and the quality of the proposed housing. Increasingly, companies are willing to offer our clients not only a studio or spacious luxury apartments in the building, performed by a reasonably good project and rebuilt using high quality materials, with a good frame of an object, but also happy to provide some additional services. Those are often full, “equipment” complex infrastructure, including bars, restaurants, shops, spas, in addition, an optional service in the very rooms, furnishings, plus – all the more common projects of interest in its architectural design, and therefore more comfortable and original solutions in terms of internal space planning.

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