Real Estate Postcards For Maximum Profits

Real Estate Postcards For Maximum Profits
Since the housing market fiasco, working in the housing market has been a challenge for everyone. From the big houses to the smallest efficiency apartments, people are afraid to purchase a new piece of property. What might help instill some consumer confidence in housing right now is a good advertising campaign, one that includes testimonies from satisfied customers on real estate postcards.

If a realtor wants to find out who is interested in his city, he should call the local camber of commerce or visitor’s bureau. These companies will have lists of people who requested information regarding the city and possibly housing facts. Since the realtor will no know what type of budget the people who called these service agents, the small cards should have a few different sizes and priced houses on them.

When these miniature letters find there way into the right hands, those who are thinking of buying or wanting to buy a house in the area, then they are doing their job. One place to find new clients is in the old client listings. A home broker could look through his or her files of people who previously purchased homes from them and send the cards out to see if they are ready to move again. This would be individuals or families that have been in their present home for more than 10 years.

For more ideas for receiving more customers that want to purchase a new home, a realtor could join together with a local business so that they both get new customers. Depending on the business and how busy they are, they could place their ad on a potion of the card and then carry the card in their store. Some of the popular places people who are looking for a new home might drop buy would be a clothing store, locksmith or daycare operation.

A local pharmacy, hardware store or coffee shop could have a stack of the cards near the counter for customers. When people are new to the area and looking to move from a rental property into a more permanent place, these might be some of the places they would visit. Another place often visited by renters or newcomers is the Laundromat.

If there is a local newspaper or magazine available for the community, this would also be a good place to put the cards. The expense to place these index size notes inside a magazine or small newspaper will be returned by selling one new home. Depending on the circulation of the print copy, a realtor could reach people across the state and into adjacent states, all where people may be considering moving to your community.

The content on these small letters should be colorful and eye-catching. Pictures of homes for sale are a must but photos of local landmarks, community happenings and people would also be ideal. You want people to look at the card, see it in their mail or a magazine and say ‘hey, what’s this?’ Once someone has seen the card and taken it all in, you need them to act on it.

Home repair or construction contractors are others that would be a good business to join forces with. These are additional types of businesses that new homeowners or people looking for a new home will contact. Having their name and business information on the real estate postcards is a winning situation for everyone.

Tori is a real estate professional who specializes in postcards for real estate.

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