Your Real Estate Investment Exit Strategy

Your Real Estate Investment Exit Strategy

If you have a rental property that you want to sell, you can do it with the same lease. This is a perfect arrangement – you end up with tenants who live in their own homes and pay rent after a certain time, they will eventually belong to it.

In this particular case, it is typical to ask them to pay the standard rental lease, and with reference to a separate agreement with option to purchase the rental property within a specified period of time. In addition to the contract, you will need to identify the assets (it should be somewhat higher than current market value, because you need to take account of appreciation or inflation) price. If the tenant agrees to purchase the property, you need to sell for the same price you specified. Of course, another tenant of the situation should not be obliged to buy – it’s just that such a purchase option.

Usual scenario for rent usually start having its own home, you’re tired and really do not need control at that time. At some point, usually consider selling the property. As soon as you get a tenant yourself, you can ask him if would like to buy a house rental period. If this is well and good for your tenant, and he agrees to a price increase (again, accounting appreciation and inflation), then he first signed a one year lease (which is standard), as well as the opportunity to purchase the contract. Then Tenant agrees to pay his rent (and it should also be non-refundable monthly fee). This is what makes the bike a little bit higher compared with the normal rental price because it comes with a rent credit, which allows the lessee to develop their property, which can then be used to make a partial payment or even to make the purchase price is lower.

Of course, the rent credit must also be highlighted in your choice of arrangement. If everything at the end of the tenant wants to buy houses, then the fees that you collected are considered to be non-refundable and is yours and yours alone. In addition, you can also rearrange the option to extend the negotiations, that your tenant receives a little more time on his long home purchase. In this case, you can also adjust the purchase price of your house because prices could rise to months or years that have passed. If it did, then it is less attractive to sell it originally agreed price, because you can sell it for much more.

Which way you choose, both are very situations where you want to sell it. You can make a higher return on rent credits, or you can sell the property. At the same time, help you purchase a person’s home, but in another situation might not be able to afford it or even get.

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