Modification Of Office Space To Pay Attention To Etiquette – Office Etiquette – Office Supplies

Modification Of Office Space To Pay Attention To Etiquette – Office Etiquette – Office Supplies
We have such experience, into an office, often chaotic, Desk Chair placed at random on the desktop File Piles of paper or paper with a mixed, not tell which is the file, which is the paper, newspapers, placed at random Sofa On and so on. This office seems to be daunting, imagine how efficiency.

Office desk the first to be modified. Office desk is the focal point is the staff into the office on official business where attention is most focused, well placed desk, and office environment on the set in half.

Desk to sunny place, so that light shot taken from the left to meet with eye health. Desk can not put too many things need to be placed only on or handled the documents, other books, newspapers can not be on the table, or bookshelf should be included in a newspaper rack; except in special circumstances, hold onto the desk or the tea cup . Entertain guests cups, tea sets should be placed above the water specifically, conditional should be put in the reception room; Stationery To be on the table for ease of use can be prepared a variety of document Instruments: Writing brush , Fountain pen, Ball point pen , Pencil And so on, due to be put Pen And not scattered on the table.

Wall shelves should be placed * This is safer. If the office has sofa, preferably away from the desk, so as not to interfere with other people talking office. Table decorations can be properly placed such as potted plant, etc.. Temporary conversation is available here for a long time to talk or negotiation should be in a special room.

Office of the office staff are more special to modification from time. But to be bright and clean. Windows should be regularly cleaned, bookshelves glass doors to keep clean and transparent. Office door should not be closed tight to prevent the visitors who mistake not, nor can use cord occlusion.

Office is a public place, without permission, the host and guests are not allowed to smoke or loud noise. No one should be stormed or force open the door, access to softly.

Phone is essential office supplies, but also the office of ornaments. General office telephone calls placed in the special table, no phone special display table, can also be placed in; desk in the corner. Telephone should always clean, with a special disinfectant to scrub, dust and dirt can not Zhanman, an office is clean, telephone is an important indicator. Sound when the phone is smaller, not yelled out, so as not to influence others.

Any personal business on the phone talking about the practice is against the rules. The phone talking about privacy, the office also does not respect other people’s behavior.

Office should not be piling up the backlog of goods, deposits will affect the visual impact, giving visitors the impression that people with Students Donate Sperm should always clean up the office waste.

Office floor should be kept clean, cement floor to regular cleaning, scrubbing, carpet cleaning regularly to prevent the breeding of parasites, dust mites. Always open the ventilation window. Doors and windows open infrequently, indoor air quality and who will visit the inconvenience.

Office wall graffiti carved avoid chaos, the wall can not be recorded in the office phone number or post notes in the paper. The wall can be wall maps, the company the image.

Spacious offices can place potted plant, but the potted plant to be carefully selected, generally do not have flowers decorating the office, too brilliant color will win the attention of visitors, so people’s energies shift, you can use to green as the main plant, green plants decorate the office is the main material, the green can give people a comfortable feeling, you can adjust the mood. Of the potted plant to give regular watering and consolidation, there can not be allowed to wither withered and yellow leaves. Green leaves on a spray can, keep it light green the color.

Pots of soil can not have odor, manure should be carefully selected. Smell of fertilizer will lead to breeding of flies or parasites, but the office will bring pollution.

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