Make Your Own Real Estate Flyers

Make Your Own Real Estate Flyers
It doesn’t matter whether you are selling your own home on your own or if you are a real estate agent selling homes, it’s a good idea that you have something that you can hand out to people to get them interested in coming by to see the home. Usually real estate flyers will do the trick. They can contain a lot of valuable information for the prospective buyers and can easily be done by you for a lot less money that at a print shop.

You will need to think about what you want to do before you jump in and start creating. You need to first figure out what buyers market you are trying to reach. Make sure that you use language that will invite that particular market you are trying to reach. Warning though, you should be very careful how you word things, you definitely don’t want to look like you are deliberately discriminating against people. A good example is if you are wanting to attract seniors then make sure that you write about things in a manner in which seniors are going to relate to.

You will also need to decide upon what kind of font and what size you want it for your flyer. If you want it to be printed on matte finish or glossy paper. You will also need to be able to include enough information in the flyer that will not look too cluttered and too overwhelming for the person who might be reading it. In other words be informative and easy to read without going over board.

Content should answer all the what, when, who, why and how much questions. You should make sure they know where the house is and how to get there. You also might want to include the kind of neighborhood it’s in as well.

You know the prospective buyer is going to want to see the home so make sure you include if the home is occupied or if it’s vacant. You will need to let them know if they will have to call for an appointment and with whom should they get in contact with.

You will also need to include all the reasons why a person would want to buy the home. You will need to list all of it’s perks. This should include the perks of the home as well as any perks that the community or neighborhood might have as well. List if it’s near a beach, a river, a park, schools, etc. Anything that might interest the buyer into coming out and seeing the home.

When it comes to photos, make sure that they are kept to a minimum. Of course make sure you include a picture of the outside of the home, but other things keep down as much as possible. If you think however, that a few pictures to show off some amenities is necessary then go ahead and include some, but try to avoid overdoing it. Content is more important.

When you are ready, take your info and put into a publishing program and proofread carefully. Then print out your copies. Make sure you keep the original on file until you sell your home.

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