The Real Estate Boom In Portland, Or

The Real Estate Boom In Portland, Or

Moving to Portland is a pretty good idea. Being the most populous city in Oregon, Portland’s real estate market is booming with opportunities for brokers as well as house owners. Buying a house can be a tricky business and a trustworthy broker can give you all the help you need. Put your trust in an incompetent agent and you will regret it. There are lots of houses up for grabs in Portland, OR. Real estate agents are easy to find but you need to use discretion and hire someone who can give you value for money.

The main reasons why the real estate market has picked up in Portland are:

Low prices and mortgage rates which are easier to bear have engendered popularity of realty in the area. In the past, prospective house owners would think twice before shifting to Portland, OR. Real estate was not thriving at that time. However, things are looking bright now. Affordability of housing has increased consistently and many families can now plan on purchasing a house they have desired for a long time.

Secondly, the all round economic development of the city is a very alluring factor. The creation of economic development zones has led to an explosion of businesses all around the metropolitan area. This is a positive sign for the citizens in the region as well as those who are thinking of shifting to the “City of Roses”. A direct effect of economic progress is the growth of real estate opportunities.

Homebuyer credit has also played an important role in popularizing a region’s real estate. First time buyers can receive credit so that the cost of buying a house is reduced to a certain extent. By complying with a few rules and regulations, buyers who occupy a newly constructed house can get exemption from property tax for the first ten years!

The combination of steady economic progress with attractive housing programs seems to be working quite well in Portland, OR. Real estate in this state has picked up pretty well and homebuyers are constantly on the lookout for good deals. Investors are also keen to buy properties here and wait for the prices to shoot up. There a number of reliable real estate agencies in the city who can help you find the perfect abode. Whether you need a small apartment or a spacious lake front cottage, Portland has got it all. Happy house hunting!

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