Virtual Office System – Its Advantages

Virtual Office System – Its Advantages

Virtual office system provides you and your company with the capabilities to remain productive from virtually everywhere- from home, car, hotel or office. It is based on the principle that a business requires effective communication. Hence a virtual office system provides you leading edge technologies that save your time and money. They have various features like call monitoring, call routing, and voice mail delivery via email to help your business run smoothly and effectively. It can send your message in virtually any manner you specify.

There are certain basics involved in setting up a telecommuting scenario to gain the virtual office advantage. Each home office needs a computer, a telephone and broadband internet connection, which are absolutely necessary for telecommuting.

Virtual office uses different systems like PBX phone system, voice mail and unified messaging and phone answering service. It helps the virtual office to enhance image and increase productivity with a comprehensive slate of features ideal for home businesses and other organizations. These systems help your small business to:

- move to the next level by creating an executive impression
– sound bigger like a much larger and professional establishment
– increase productivity and credibility

PBX phone system- This fully customizable virtual receptionist greets callers, takes messages and routes calls seamlessly.

Advantages and services:

1. It reduces total cost of ownership due to minimal upfront investment

2. It works with any high-speed internet connection to provide all users with access to the same PBX features regardless of their location worldwide.

3. It lowers your monthly phone bill with free in network inter office calls.

4. It’s customizable and easy to use features managed online and by one touch, it controls virtual office telephones.

These PBX phone systems improves your communication system and makes it more efficient and competitive while reducing cost. With one phone number, you can connect to multiple locations. Based on the customized settings, your incoming calls can be routed to voice mail, cell phones, home phones.

Phone answering service- You might have been frustrated with a high volume of calls coming everyday to you. It is at this point that phone answering service can help you. The phone calls that you cannot answer in person can be handled efficiently with the help of a phone answering service. With the help of an automated answering service, you can minimize your expenses, maximize your productive time and achieve the goals at a faster time.

Unified communications is the greatest convenience available with a phone answering service. Voicemail messages and faxes can be unified with your personal telephone number.

Voice mail and unified messaging system-This system enables one to send voice messages instantly to other persons without caring the recipient’s availability. One no longer has to dial number and worry about busy tones. Voice mails are basically emails containing attached audio files. You can send or forward important voice mails to multiple recipients at a same time. This option saves a great deal of time.

An important advantage of the virtual office system is that it helps work and communication become more efficient and adapts itself well to the needs of the business. Good space utilization and cost effectiveness are the other advantages of virtual office systems.

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