Finding Long Term Vehicle Rentals

Finding Long Term Vehicle Rentals
Basically, a long term car rental is car leasing, however if leasing a car is not your thing, or maybe you’re not looking for that long of a long term car rental then almost every single rental car facility has the capability to do long term car rentals. Starting at about $ 8 a day and up in some cities you can find a car rental really cheap. The longer you rent a car the more savings it is to you, most long term car rentals last from 30 days to 11 months.

Insurance rates for these type of rentals can be expensive sometimes, but normally it is still affordable, however if you are one of the few who are looking at hefty insurance rates for this type of car rental then my suggestion would be to contact an insurance broker, they should be able to take care of your needs. Some people may not realize the advantages to long term rentals but there are alot. If you are planning on taking a long vacation where you’re not flying but driving instead then you might want to consider not putting the extra miles and wear and tear on you’re own personal vehicle.

Statistics show that nearly 45 percent of all accidents that occur happen while driving in unfamiliar terrain. I would personally rather take the risk with a car that isn’t my own.If you’re going to be driving for business or for pleasure or if you’re just not wanting to get tied down with owning you’re own car, this may be a great solution to your problem. Saving you the time , money and hassle or re renting a car over and over again, just talk to your local car rental facility and they can get you into any car you would like.

If your going long term for good then you should consider leasing a vehicle from a dealership, set monthly prices and no mileage limits may be your best option in that scenario plus most leasee programs have really good extended warranties that will protect your monthly investment. All in all what you need and have to have varies from person to person, but what you’re willing to pay monthly and how long you need a vehicle for is what should sway you into looking into renting. Every major city with an airport will have car rental places that can take care of you.

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