Cheap car rental in Europe 50% Discount on European Car Rentals

Cheap car rental in Europe 50% Discount on European Car Rentals

The cheapest way to use a car in France – Europe, for over 17 days, is normally the Tax Free car lease – leasing program. Car Lease – Leasing is an ideal low cost alternative to car rental, particularly for long term use. The longer you have the vehicle, the lower the rates become. It offers great flexibility with an extensive fleet from which to choose. These include cars, station wagons, convertibles and people movers / minibuses.

Planning a holiday? Travelling around Europe or planning an adventure overseas? A car hire will give you the total freedom to explore and discover the delights of the world at your leisure. Renault USA can full fill all your car hire needs, with competitive pricing on rentals and award winning service.

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, on your own or with family and friends, a car hire offers complete flexibility to travel exactly where you want, when you want. Renault USA can provide you with the hire car that suits your needs: a mini, economy, midsize, full size, station wagon, 4WD, minivan and everything in between! We have car rental locations across the globe, in every continent. Click on your desired country below to learn more about car hire around the world.

Thinking of planning a vacation in Europe? Let Renault USA be your first and last stop for cheap car rentals. Why not take a look at some of our great discounted car rental rates in the UK, Germany, Spain, or in our other 4000 cheap car rental locations? Check out our great rental car guides for information on what to do in each country, and to see our great car rental selection!

If you are looking for a flexible self drive option for touring Europe, why not consider car leasing?

A great price – Cost gets cheaper the longer you lease

The car is brand new – not scratched, not damaged, road-ready to perform

You lease the latest vehicle model

Your leased car comes equipped with features like air conditioning, 24 hour roadside assistance and unlimited kilometers (options which may cost extra in a standard rental car).

You may take delivery of your Renault Euro drive vehicle from a number of locations similar to when you rent a car. You can also choose one of our many one-way options across Europe leaving you with the freedom to travel where you like.

There’s no way to chart the best car-rental deals. Rates vary from company to company, month to month, and country to country. The cheapest company for rental in one country might be the most expensive in the next. You’ll need to do some comparison-shopping to figure out which one is best for your trip.

Please take the time to browse our site.  Our Locations Page includes pictures and brief travel notes.  We also have pictures and videos of our Renault USA fleet.  Compare the rates of various models.  You’ll discover what thousands of savvy car rental clients have discovered.  Renting a car in Europe tends to be more expensive and more complicated than in the US, thanks to byzantine insurance options and other additional fees. But once you’re free and easy behind the wheel of a European car, it’s worth the hassle.

Need a Cheap car rental in Europe for 17 days or longer discover how cost-effective a short-term lease from can be! Choose from a variety of models call (888) 532-1221.

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