Essential Facts About Sacramento Real Estate

Essential Facts About Sacramento Real Estate

The Sacramento real estate Industry is making waves as an emerging place for someone to move in. The entire region’s real estate market has fully recovered from the slump, thanks to the trust of homebuyers to the industry itself. As we all know, the industry in Sacramento falls a few years back but due to increase in sales volume during the first quarter of the year, the real estate business is doing well once more. To give you a brief idea, Sacramento is a very unique state capital with an almost small town feel as compared to other cities in the west coast. 

This region will surely be a perfect place for everyone who wants to move in specially if you are looking for perfect sceneries within the metropolis. But before you move in, find out the things you need to know about the region.

Few things to know about Sacramento Real Estate Industry

1. It has a population of 1,445,327 as of January 2010. So with this figure, you can be sure the entire place is not congested yet.

2. The current price-to-income ratio for Sacramento is 2.95 as determined last March 2011.

3. The median asking price for homes in Sacramento peaked in May 2006 at $ 439,970 and is now $ 247,140 (56.2%) lower. From a low of $ 190,000 in February 2011, the median asking price in Sacramento has increased by $ 2,830 (1.5%).

4. Houses are comparable better than to other cities in the country.

Below are other important tips you should know about Sacramento.

Travel and Transportation

The whole metropolis has a very organized highway and freeway system for motorists as well as a Regional Transit public transportation system for city travel. Greyhound bus, Amtrak used to provide land transportation for distances travel while air travel from the region to other cities is possible through the Sacramento International Airport.

Jobs in the entire Sacramento region

As one of the emerging states in the west coast when it comes to IT industry, Sacramento offers IT employment opportunities in the government and even in the private sectors. Of course the realty industry can also be a good option for those who want to start his or her very own real estate business. The agriculture industry is still an important economic factor although not as big as it once was. The medical industry is also a good option for those medical practitioners who want to settle in Sacramento, big hospitals like Kaiser Foundation Hospital and Sutter Medical Center are hiring Medical professionals to fill their vacancies.

Schools / Colleges and Universities located around Sacramento region

Sacramento has a goal; To provide good quality basic, secondary and tertiary education for everyone that is why the government allot ample amount on its education budget. Sacramento has 216 public schools in 11 school districts as well as 83 private schools. There are various colleges in the Sacramento area including California State University at Sacramento, American River College, Sacramento City College and University of California.

Here are some great Tourist Attractions that can be found around the region:

Big School Building
California Automobile Museum
Governor’s Mansion State History Park
Auburn State Recreational Area
Folsom City Zoo
Great Valley Serpentarium
Children’s Museum
World Wildlife Museum
Willows (Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge Complex)
Fairytale Town
Sacramento Zoo
State Indian Museum
Sacramento Museum of History, Science and Technology
California Military Museum

Sacramento has a lot to offer but before you do a very huge decision of moving in, make a way to hire a trusted realtor that can guide you with your deals.

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