Is Cancun Real Estate Right for You?

Is Cancun Real Estate Right for You?


Within the many places to buy properties in Mexico, Cancun real estate is certainly one of the favorites.  The area offers many benefits, conveniences, activities and amenities.  The following are lists of some of the main pros and cons to help you decide if this is your beachfront paradise.

Some of The Pros of Cancun real estate

The Beaches – The beaches on Cancun’s 50 kms (over 30 miles) “Hotel Zone,” which loops around a large lagoon and connects with the city itself on either end, are considered by many to be the best in the world.  They are wide, the sand is soft and white, and the water is a beautiful turquoise color not to be found in many other places in the world.
Close to Home – Cancun’s international airport is Mexico’s second busiest, and has direct flights to all major locations in the U.S. and Canada, not to mention growing connections around the world.  Because of heavy tourist traffic, flights are frequent and low priced.
Low Real Estate Prices – Since Cancun has developed a suburban high-rise style, many more units can be fit into the prime areas; this means that prices for excellent locations are accessible to average and even low budgets.
Low Cost of Living – In addition to affordable real estate, the cost of living is also very low.  Everything from groceries to going out for dinner is noticeably cheaper than back home.
Very Modern Lifestyle – Cancun offers residents the best of a modern lifestyle – malls, wide roadways, big-screen movies, state-of-the-art hospitals, professional golf courses and many more items such as these are easy to find and afford in Cancun.

Some of The Cons of Cancun Real Estate

Not Traditional Mexico – Since Cancun was built up from scratch 40 years ago, it doesn’t have the traditional charm of old Mexico.  For some buyers, this is a good thing, especially since “old Mexico” can be found at its best within a couple hours’ drive from Cancun.  Mayan pyramids and charming old colonial cities are easily visited.
Lots of High Rises – Some people prefer a low-rise, small-town atmosphere.  Cancun has emerged with more of a modern suburban feel – hence many of the benefits listed above.  Some buyers find their balance in the small communities of downtown, just on the other side of the lagoon.

The majority of buyers are quite content to enjoy full modern comforts of Cancun real estate and save the older and more traditional aspects of Mexico for outings and visits.



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Region: Cancun Real Estate by Cyndi Ader, originally from the US, has been living in Cancun, Mexico for 17 years. She is a member of A.M.P.I. (The Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals) and is currently a member of the International Relations Committee. She is also an international affiliate of NAR (National Association of Realtors). She is the owner/broker of Cancun Properties Real Estate and specializes as a buyer’s broker.


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