Safe Residential & Commercial Window Cleaning

Safe Residential & Commercial Window Cleaning

Now I could try and convince you not to clean your windows and have a professional take care of them, but taken that you are reading this article you have probably already made up your mind. Both residential and Commercial window cleaning can be a very dangerous task if your not careful, many times it involves climbing ladders, using toxic chemicals, walking on roofs, using razor blades, and being in many uncomfortable situations. So you are to be commended for looking up safety when window cleaning. Below are a few things you should keep in mind while cleaning your own windows.

Most people believe that the only way to clean a two story window properly is to climb a ladder and scrub it from an arms length away, fortunately for those afraid of heights this isn’t the only way. Many professional residential and commercial window cleaners use a water fed pole. This will allow you to reach and scrub the window from the ground and safely while still removing most of the dirt and grime on the window. If you can at all avoid using a ladder then please do so, I’m sure you’ll agree this is one of the safest methods.

If you cannot afford a water fed pole then using a ladder to clean your windows will be your only option. When shopping for a ladder you want to be sure that it will be long enough to safely reach about three feet above your roof tiles. This will leave you plenty of extra room for climbing on and off. Be sure to select a ladder that has a weight requirement suitable for you, if your a heavy set or husky person make sure the ladder can safely hold your weight total and more.

Most windows you will encounter probably have a good amount of over spray or even stickers if they are new. Using a razor blade to clean the windows should make it easier. Remember that a razor is extremely sharp and could easily gash a deep hole in your hand or arm. Make sure your razor blade and its handle are the appropriate size for each other, the last thing you want is to loose a blade and to find it somewhere very fragile like a car seat or box of towels. Always use a razor blade cover and make sure to re-cap your razor after cleaning each window.

If your cleaning commercial windows on a first story you may not need to worry about the dangers of climbing a ladder, but you may need to be careful about how you handle certain chemicals that will be needed to remove hard water. Usually when removing very thick hard water you will need to use an acid. Make sure your wearing the appropriate safety gear, for example a mouth cover, safety goggles, and gloves. Usually the container of chemical you are using will explain the proper safety equipment your going to need. Remember to read any owner or instruction manuals that come with equipment and chemicals.

Climbing and using ladders, having correct residential and commercial window cleaning tools, using razors, and wearing proper safety gear are only a few areas where window cleaning safety is important. I’m sure with these tips and others you’ll be cleaning your own windows safely in no time. I hope these tips have helped you as much as they have helped me with my Temecula commercial window cleaning business. Remember to use common sense, and be careful out there! Good Luck.

ABM Temecula window cleaners are offering professional window cleaning services in all of Temecula Ca and the surrounding cities. If you would like an estimate on any commercial window cleaning please feel free to call and ask at any time.

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