Replacing Doors In A Commercial Building

Replacing Doors In A Commercial Building
Carpenters carry about many tasks in their field of work: framing, installing exterior and interior trim packages to even concrete work. This work is preformed on new and old buildings including residential, commercial, and even industrial.

One of the common tasks of the carpenter is having to replace old doors. The reason for replacing doors can be for many different things which included in the following: the doors are rusted, paint is faded, hinges worn from use, or simply because a company has a budget that must be spent. The process for replacing doors is more involved, many times, than people from the outside realize.

First, the doors must have the doors knobs taken off of the door itself and saved in a box for safe keeping until the new door has been installed. The reason for this is, many times in an old building, it is easier to keep the old door knobs instead replacing them with new ones because then new keys must be made as well. Secondly, the screws must be taken out of the hinges which are connected to the door jam. Then, the door must be set on a table for stability while removing the rest of the hardware on the door. The hardware can include hinges, door knockers, or any other type of decorative hardware. Then door must be sent to a recycling factory for proper disposal.

Finally, the new door is set on the table or saw benches. Then, the hardware is placed back on the door starting with the hinges. Sometimes, a chisel is used for clearing out the placement area for the hinges, so they might be properly set in place. Secondly, a metal hole saw is used for cutting out where the door knob must go. In many instances, reamers are used for cleaning off the edges where the hole saw left sharp debris or reamers can also be used to make the hole slightly bigger for the door knob to fit much better. Because, if using the same old door knob, the metal hole saw might not be a perfect match in size with the current door knob. This is when the reamer comes into play. Then, after all hardware has been installed, the door is mounted by the hinges onto the door jam. Lastly, the door can be painted or stained for protection of the door from rust and corrosion also giving decoration to the environment the door has been set in. It is then suggested that all equipment be cleaned and stored properly for future use.

A job like replacing a door may seem like a daunting task but there are many videos and helps such as this that can be found on the internet. So, next time, instead of paying a professional to do the same thing you could have done, have a little fun and adventure and try it yourself. Even if you mess up something small, the cost of replacing that small piece still pales in comparison to what you would have paid a professional to do the same task.

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